The glass with hips

The glass with hips

3rd Dec 2016

The glass with hips

The Pub Glass with Irish Coat of Arms

Spotlight on the Nonic Pint, Imperial Pint, or Pub Glass

We sell a lot of glasses at The Irish Rose, so we think it's important to know something about them besides how much beer they can hold (although that's very important, too!)

Today, we put a spotlight on the  Pub Glass. Sometimes called an Imperial Pint Glass or a Nonic Pint Glass, it features a soft ridge or "hips" about a third of the way down. At 20 ounces, the Pub Glass holds the same amount of liquid as any pint glass, but pub owners and homeowners alike appreciate the extra traction that the bump gives it, helping to prevent slips and spills. It's also a nicely stackable glass. 

Men's Journal consider nonic glasses to be a good choice for most kinds of English and Irish beers like bitters, brown ales, porters, and stouts, as well as American pale ales, IPAs, amber ales, and brown ales.

We use a laser-etching process to permanently engrave Irish coats of arms and surnames on each glass, which makes the Pub Glass an especially nice gift for craft beer fans on your gift list.  See more glassware and barware on The Irish Rose.

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