About Us

About The Irish Rose

The Irish Rose is a family-owned business based in West St. Paul, Minnesota. Ted Sexton was the first member of a large Irish family to go into business, by opening a small Irish shop in the 1970s. Ted's son Tom and his son, Dan, started their own Irish business in 1988. For 35 years, Tom and Dan have supplied Irish shops and Irish festivals around the country with gifts and products.

Irish heraldry research

In 1998, the first Irish Rose catalog was launched. Since then, Irish-Americans have sought us out for authentic Irish coat of arms items. Each year Tom and Dan sourced and tested new products until they had all the great items you see here today. Every day they look for new ways to help customers show their Irish pride.

For 31 years and much research, their Irish coat of arms database had grown to nearly 2,000 authenticated family crests.

All things Irish

Whether you need an Irish flag to fly, an Irish history to hang on your wall, one perfect set of coat of arms wineglasses for your wedding, or 40 sweatshirts for your next family reunion, the Irish Rose can help.

We'd like to be part of Irish families like yours and share what we know about the history, ancestry, heraldry, and culture. Like us on Facebook so we can stay in touch on everything Irish.