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Brennan Name History

Brennan Irish Coat of Arms


Brennan is an Irish surname which is an Anglicised form of two different Irish language surnames —Ó Braonáin and Ó Branáin.

The Gaelic surname Ó Braonáin, means "descendant of Braonán." The personal name Braonán is derived from a word which means "moisture," "drop." The Gaelic surname Ó Branáin, means "descendant of Branán." The personal name Branán means "little raven." Brennan is also a given name. Variant spellings of the Irish surname Brennan: Brannon, Brannan, Brannen Brannin, Brennyn, Brannyn, Brenan, Branen, Branon, Brenon, and many more.

Legends of the Brennan family in Ireland

Legend has it that the Brennans were a wealthy family for years in Leinster, but they lost their fortune in the 1600s and became highwaymen.The famous Irish song, "Brennan on the Moor," was inspired by the Robin Hood-like legend of the Brennans.

Learn more about the Brennans

The Framed Irish Family Name History, (#1760) has more information on the Brennan surname. There is a wide selection of Brennan coat of arms products at The Irish Rose. Please visit the Irish Coat of Arms page.

Find a Brennan Pub in Ireland

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Notable people named Brennan


  • Deputy Andy Brennan, a fictional character from the television series Twin Peaks


  • Barbara Brennan (born 1939), an American author and spiritual healer
  • Bishop Brennan, a fictional character from the television series Father Ted
  • Brian Brennan (born 1962), a former professional American football player
  • Bridin Brennan (born 1974), an Irish pop singer


  • T. Casey Brennan (born 1948), an American comic book writer
  • Christopher Brennan (1870-–1932), Australian poet and scholar
  • Ciarán Brennan (born 1954), an Irish singer and musician
  • Colt Brennan (born 1983), an American football player


  • Daniel Brennan, Baron Brennan
  • David Brennan (businessman)
  • Dean Brennan, Irish footballer
  • Don Brennan (Coronation Street Character)
  • Don Brennan (Cricketer)
  • Duncan Brannan, voice actor sometimes credited as Duncan Brennan


  • Eileen Brennan, actress
  • Enya Brennan, the singer Enya (Irish name Eithne Ni Bhraonain)


  • Geoffrey Brennan, professor of philosophy
  • Gerard Brennan, Justice and later Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia


  • J. Keirn Brennan (1873-–1948), American songwriter
  • James Alexander Brennan (1885-–1956), American songwriter
  • Jack Brennan, a military aide to President Richard M. Nixon
  • Jack Brennan (1863-–1914), American baseball player
  • Jacob Brennan (born 1990), Australian rules footballer
  • Jim Brennan is a Football (soccer) player
  • John O. Brennan Former NCTC Director, CEO of TAC
  • Joseph Brennan (basketball) (1900-–1989), American basketball player
  • Joseph Brennan (civil servant)
  • Joseph Brennan (Irish politician)
  • Joseph Brennan (politician)
  • Joseph Payne Brennan (1918–1990), American poet/author; WWII Veteran, ETO


  • Kathleen Brennan, American musician
  • Kevin Brennan (comedian) (born 1960), American comedian
  • Kevin Brennan (politician) (born 1959), British Labour Party politician and MP


  • Lee Brennan, singer
  • Les Brennan, Australian rugby league footballer
  • Louis Brennan, 19th century inventor


  • Martin Brennan (engineer)
  • Martin Brennan (Irish politician)
  • Michael Brennan (field hockey player)
  • Michael Brennan (Fine Gael)
  • Michael Brennan (Progressive Democrats)
  • Mitch Brennan, Australian rugby league footballer
  • Moya Brennan, singer, musician in Clannad, and the sister of Enya


  • Neal Brennan, American writer, stand-up comedian, television director and producer


  • Owen Brennan, New Orleans restaurateur


  • Patrick Brennan (Garda)


  • Reed Brennan, a fictional character from the book series Private


  • Séamus Brennan, Irish politician
  • Sean Brennan, singer in London After Midnight (band)


  • Temperance "Bones" Brennan, a fictional character from the television series Bones
  • Terence "Terry" Patrick Brennan, American Football Coach, Notre Dame, 1953-58
  • Thomas Brennan (Irish Land League) (1853-–1912), Irish politician
  • Thomas Brennan (Fianna Fáil) (died 1953), Irish politician
  • Thomas E. Brennan (born 1929), American jurist, former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court
  • Thomas Francis Brennan (1853-1937), American Catholic bishop; 1st Catholic bishop of Dallas 1891-1893
  • Tom Brennan (politician)
  • Tom Brennan (basketball coach), American sportscaster and former University of Vermont basketball coach
  • Tom Brennan (basketball), basketball player for Villanova University and the Philadelphia Warriors
  • Tom Brennan (baseball), 1980s baseball player
  • Tom Brennan (ice hockey) (1922–-2003), American ice hockey player for Boston Bruins


  • Vincent M. Brennan (1890-–1959), U.S. Representative from Michigan


  • Walter Brennan, actor
  • William J. Brennan, Jr., 20th century justice on the U.S. Supreme Court

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