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The Irish Rose

Duffy Name History


Duffy Coat of Arms

Duffy is a surname of Irish origin. It comes from the original Irish name Ó Dubhthaigh, meaning descendant or grandson of Dubhthach. Dubhthach was an Old Irish first name meaning, "dark one."

Variant Spellings of the Irish surname Duffy indlude Duffey, Duff, Duffy, O'Duffy, O'Duffey, Duffe, O'Duffe, Doey, Dohey, Doohey, O'Dowey, and many more.

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Drop in at the Duffy Pub in Ireland

We found an Irish pub with the Duffy name in County Dublin and another in County Donegal. Visit Duffy's Malahide in Malahide, County Dublin, and raise a pint in your namesake pub, or stop by Duffy's Bar in Annagry, County Donegal.

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Notable Irish Duffys

  • Charles Gavan Duffy, Irish nationalist poet, later Australian colonial politician
  • Eamon Duffy, historian
  • Gabriel Duffy, Irish writer
  • George Gavan Duffy, Irish politician
  • James Duffy (Irish publisher), an Irish publisher of Nationalist and Roman Catholic books, bibles and religious texts
  • James Duffy (VC), Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross in 1917
  • Jim Duffy (journalist), author, political commentator, and Irish advisor to Australia's Republic Advisory Committee
  • Joe Duffy, Irish radio personality
  • Joseph Duffy (bishop), Irish Catholic bishop
  • Keith Duffy, Irish musician from Boyzone
  • Martin Duffy, Irish filmmaker and writer
  • Mik Duffy, Irish filmmaker and journalist on film
  • Thomas Duffy (VC) (1805-1858), Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross in 1857

Notable Australian Duffys

  • Bill Duffy (1866–1959), Australian sportsman
  • Charles Gavan Duffy, Irish nationalist poet, later Australian colonial politician
  • Frank Gavan Duffy, Australian judge

Notable New Zealand Duffys

  • Ron Duffy, New Zealand rugby league footballer

Notable Scottish Duffys

  • Carol Ann Duffy - Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom
  • Darryl Duffy, Scottish football player
  • Jim Duffy (footballer), former football (soccer) player and manager

Notable Welsh Duffys

  • Aimee Anne Duffy, real name of Welsh singer Duffy (singer)
  • Richard Duffy, Welsh footballer

Notable English Duffys

  • Billy Duffy, British musician
  • Brian Duffy (photographer), British photographer
  • Brian Duffy, real name of British drummer Jet Black of The Stranglers
  • Christopher Duffy, British historian
  • John Duffy and David Mulcahy, British murderers
  • Martin Duffy (musician), keyboardist with Primal Scream
  • Maureen Duffy, British writer
  • Nick Duffy, British songwriter
  • Patrick Duffy (UK politician)
  • Paul Duffy, bass guitarist for The Coral
  • Philip Duffy, English composer of sacred music
  • Stephen Duffy, British songwriter
  • Adam Duffy, English professional snooker player

Notable North American Duffys

  • Brian Duffy (astronaut), American astronaut
  • Bruce Duffy, Irish-American novelist, author of The World as I Found It
  • Charles John Duffy, American WWII pilot, namesake of USS Duffy
  • Chris Duffy (baseball), American baseball player
  • Francis P. Duffy, Canadian-American Catholic priest
  • Gerald Duffy, American screenwriter
  • Hugh Duffy, American baseball player
  • J. C. Duffy, American cartoon artist
  • James E. Duffy, Jr., United States Democratic Party nominee for the Hawaii Supreme Court
  • James Duffy (athlete), Irish-Canadian distance runner
  • James Duffy (psychiatrist), neuropsychiatrist, and (former?) associate professor of clinical psychiatry at the University of Connecticut
  • Jo Duffy, American comics book writer
  • John Duffy (soccer), U.S. soccer player at 1928 Summer Olympics
  • John A. Duffy, American bishop
  • Julia Duffy, American actress
  • Karen Duffy, American model and actress
  • Megan Duffy (born 1984), American basketball player and coach
  • Mike Duffy, Canadian senator, retired television journalist
  • Pat Duffy, American skateboarder
  • Patricia Lynne Duffy, synesthete
  • Patrick Duffy (born 1949), American television actor
  • Robert Duffy (politician), American mayor
  • Roger Duffy, American architect
  • Romney Duffey, American/Canadian scientist
  • F. Ryan Duffy, American politician
  • Sean Duffy, a politician from Colorado
  • Terry Duffy, American politician
  • Thomas C. Duffy, composer, conductor, Yale University professor
  • Thomas J. Duffy, American craftsman/designer
  • Troy Duffy, American actor and film director
  • Uriah Duffy, bass player in Whitesnake and many other bands


  • Eoin O'Duffy, Irish politician
  • Paul Staveley O'Duffy, music producer


  • John Duffey, American bluegrass musician
  • Joseph Duffey, American academic administrator


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