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Doyle Name History


Doyle Coat of Arms

Doyle is a surname of Irish origin. The name is a Anglicisation of the Irish Ó Dubhghaill, meaning "descendant of Dubhghall." The personal name Dubhghall contains the elements dubh "black" + gall "stranger." Similar Scottish and Irish surnames, derived from the same personal name are: MacDougall / McDougall and MacDowell / McDowell.

The name Doyle is not found in any of the old genealogies, like other prominent Irish families. This has led many to maintain that the Doyles are of somewhat recent origin in Ireland. Doyle is one of the 20 most common surnames in Ireland. Some believe there may be several different specific origins for the name. Doyles found in Ulster may be of Scottish descent, as the name was used for MacDowell. In the 20th century the principal locations for the surname were in Dublin, Wexford, Wicklow, Carlow, Kerry and Cork. See Irish county products available.

Variant Spellings of the Irish surname Doyle include O'Doyle, Doyill, Doill, Doile, Doyel.

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Notable people named Doyle


  • A. E. Doyle (1877–-1928), American architect
  • Adrian Conan Doyle (1910–-1970), youngest son of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Al 'Do-it' Doyle, British electropop musician
  • Alan Doyle (born 1969), Canadian musician and actor
  • Allen Doyle (born 1948), American golfer
  • Anne Doyle (born 1952), Irish television newsreader
  • Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-–1930), British writer
  • Avril Doyle (born 1949), former Irish politician


  • Brian Doyle (born 1955), former Major League Baseball player
  • Brian Doyle (born 1935), Canadian writer
  • Brian Doyle-Murray (born 1945), American actor and writer
  • Brian J. Doyle (born 1950), former Press secretary for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security


  • Candida Doyle (born 1963), Irish musician
  • Charles Altamont Doyle (1832–1893), Victorian artist
  • Charles Hastings Doyle (1804–1883), British military officer
  • Chris Doyle, American multi-media artist
  • Christopher Doyle (born 1952), Australian cinematographer
  • Clyde Doyle (1887–-1963), U.S. Representative from California
  • Colin Doyle (footballer) (born 1985), Irish footballer
  • Colin Doyle (lacrosse) (born 1977), Canadian lacrosse player
  • Craig Doyle (born 1970), Irish television and radio presenter


  • Damhnait Doyle (born 1975), Canadian singer
  • David Doyle (1929–-1997), American actor
  • David Doyle, Isle of Man politician
  • David J. Doyle, Michigan politician
  • Debra Doyle (born 1952), American writer
  • Desmond Doyle (1924–-1986), Irish painter
  • Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, American song writer and guitarist.
  • Dakota-Jane Anne Doyle


  • Eamon Doyle (born 1983), American R&B singer
  • Ed Doyle (born 1935), former Canadian politician
  • Eddie Doyle (1897-–1948), Irish hurler
  • Eddie Doyle (American football) (1898-–1942), American football player
  • Edward Doyle, Irish Labour Party politician
  • Eoin Doyle, Irish footballer


  • Francis Hastings Doyle (1810-–1888), British poet
  • Frank Doyle (ice hockey) (born 1980), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Frank Doyle (writer) (1917-–1996), American comic writer
  • Frank Doyle (politician) (1922–-1984), Australian politician


  • Gary Doyle, (born 1949), former Canadian ice hockey player
  • George Doyle, Gaelic football player
  • Geraldine Doyle (1924-–2010), American model.
  • Gerry Doyle (1911-–1990), Irish soccer player and manager
  • Graham Doyle (born 1974), Irish soccer coach


  • Harry Doyle (politician) (born 1941), former Canadian politician


  • Jacob Doyle (1855-–1941), Major League Baseball player
  • James Doyle, several people, including:
    • James Edward Doyle (judge) (1915–-1987), United States federal judge
    • James S. Doyle (born 1935), American journalist
    • Jim Doyle (born 1945), American politician
    • Jim Doyle (baseball) (1881-–1912), Major League Baseball player
    • Jim Doyle (Canadian politician)
    • Jimmy Doyle (born 1939), Irish hurler
  • Jean Conan Doyle (1912–-1997), daughter of Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Jeff Doyle (born 1955), American author
  • Jeff Doyle (born 1956), former Major League Baseball player
  • Jerry Doyle (born 1956), American talk radio host
  • Jerry Doyle, former Canadian politician
  • Joe Doyle (1936–-2009), Fine Gael politician
  • Joe Doyle (musician) (born 1977), Irish rock bassist
  • John Doyle, several people, including:
    • Jack Doyle (1913-–1978), Irish boxer
    • John Doyle (announcer), NIST radio clock announcer
    • Jack Doyle (baseball) (1869–-1958), Major League Baseball player
    • John Doyle (comedian) (born 1953), Australian comedian
    • John Doyle (critic) (born 1957), Canadian TV critic
    • John Doyle (director), British theatre director
    • John Doyle (hurler) (1930-–2010), was Irish sportsperson
    • John Doyle (lawyer) (born 1945), Chief Justice of South Australia
    • John Doyle (musician) (born 1971), Irish musician and songwriter
    • John Doyle (rugby league) (born 1977), former Australian rugby league player
    • John Doyle (soccer) (born 1966), retired American soccer player
  • Josh Doyle, solo rock artist


  • Keith Doyle (born 1979), former Irish soccer player
  • Kevin Doyle (born 1983), Irish soccer player
  • Kirby Doyle (1932-–2003), American poet
  • Kristy Doyle (born 1980), Australian netball player


  • Larry Doyle (1886–-1974), Major League Baseball player
  • Larry Doyle (born 1958), American writer
  • Laurance Doyle (born 1953), American scientist


  • Maria Doyle Kennedy (born 1964), Irish actress and singer
  • Martin Doyle (1891-–1940), British Army officer
  • Mary Doyle (1931–-1995), American actress
  • Melissa Doyle (born 1970), Australian TV journalist
  • Michael Doyle, several people, including:
    • Michael Doyle (footballer) (born 1981), Irish footballer
    • Michael Doyle (hurler) (born 1958), Irish hurler
    • Michael Doyle (Irish politician)
    • Michael Doyle (racing driver) (born 1978), Scottish racing driver
    • Michael F. Doyle (born 1953), American politician
    • Michael Vincent Doyle, American academic
    • Michael W. Doyle (born 1948), Political scientist
    • Mick Doyle (hurler), Irish hurler
    • Mick Doyle (kickboxer) (born 1968), Irish kickboxer trainer
    • Mick Doyle (rugby player) (1941-–2004), Irish rugby player
    • Mike Doyle (actor), American actor
    • Mike Doyle (footballer) (born 1946), former English footballer
    • Mike Doyle (comedian), Welsh comedian


  • Nathan Doyle (born 1987), English footballer
  • Nicholas Grattan-Doyle (1862–-1941), British Conservative Party politician
  • Norman Doyle (born 1945), former Canadian politician


  • Paddy Doyle, British athlete
  • Patrick Doyle (1777–-1857), Canadian businessman
  • Patrick Doyle (born 1953), Scottish composer
  • Paul Doyle (born 1939), retired Major League Baseball player
  • Peter Doyle, American voice actor
  • Peter Doyle, American politician
  • Peter Doyle (1949-–2001), Australian pop singer
  • Peter Doyle (born 1951), Australian writer
  • Peter John Haworth Doyle (born 1944), Roman Catholic Bishop of Northampton
  • Phil Doyle (born 1967), Australian writer


  • Richard Doyle (illustrator) (1824–-1883), Victorian illustrator
  • Richard Doyle, American rights advocator
  • Richard Doyle (senator) (1923–-2003), Canadian senator (1985–1998)
  • Robert Doyle (born 1953), Australian politician
  • Robert B. Doyle, Manitoba judge
  • Roddy Doyle (born 1958), an Irish writer
  • Ruth Bachhuber Doyle (1916-–2006), Wisconsin politician


  • Sam Doyle (1908–-1985), American folk artist
  • Slow Joe Doyle (1881-–1947), Major League Baseball player
  • Simon Doyle (born 1966), former Australian middle distance runner
  • Stephen Doyle (footballer) (born 1981), South Australian Australian rules footballer
  • Stephen Doyle (hurler), Irish hurler
  • Steven Doyle, chess tournament organizer
  • Steve Doyle, Welsh footballer
  • Steve Doyle (Wisconsin politician), American politician
  • Susannah Doyle (born 1966), English actress and film director


  • Thomas Doyle, several people, including:
    • Thomas A. Doyle (1886-–1935), U.S. Representative from Illinois
  • Tony Doyle (actor) (1942-–2000), Irish actor
  • Tony Doyle (cyclist) (born 1958), former English track cyclist


  • William Edward Doyle (1911-–1986), Unoted SDtates federal judge
  • William Doyle (businessman), CEO of the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan
  • William T. Doyle (born 1926), American politician
  • Willie Doyle (1873–-1917), Irish Jesuit priest
  • William Doyle (historian) (born 1942), English Historian

Fictional characters

  • Mrs Doyle, a character on the television series Father Ted
  • Allen Francis Doyle, a character on the television series Angel
  • Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle, detective played by Gene Hackman in The French Connection
  • Maggie Doyle, fictional character in the television show Blue Heelers.
  • Mike Doyle (24 character)
  • Ray Doyle, a character in The Professionals TV series.
  • Roz Doyle, a character in the comedy series Frasier
  • Corporal Seamus Doyle, Brothers in Arms character
  • Sgt. James Doyle, A character in Call of Duty: United Offensive
  • Doyle, Lt. Kellaway's sidekick from The Mask
  • Sebastian Doyle, an alter-ego of the character Dave Lister in a Red Dwarf episode 
  • Jake, Malachy and Tinny Doyle, characters in the CBC television series Republic of Doyle
  • Doyle, androidian character in the television series Andromeda
  • Capt. Doyle, the character who took the place of Nikolai from the mobile phone version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • Patrick Doyle, Maura Isles half brother in television series Rizzoli & Isles

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