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The Irish Rose

Doherty Name History

Doherty Irish Coat of arms


Doherty is an Irish surname and an Irish clan. Dohertys were a prominent sept in the Irish county of Donegal. They were known for fighting against the Norman invation of 1170. Following the Flight of the Earls in 1607, the chief of the Dohertys, Sir Cahir O'Doherty, rose up in the following year against English domination in Ireland and the plantation of Protestant settlers in what is known as O'Doherty's Rebellion. The Doherty coat of arms motto is, "Ar nDutcas" or "Our Heritage."

The original Gaelic spelling of Doherty was O Dochartaigh, or Ó Dubhartaigh in Munster. Today variant spellings of the Irish surname Doherty include Dockeray, Dockerty, Dockharty, Dogharty, Dougherty, Doherety, Dohertey, Docherty, Docharty and many more.

Details about Dohertys in Ireland

The Dohertys were an important and influential family in Ireland. We are honored to offer two framed documents that provide more details on the Doherty surname and coat of arms. The Framed Irish Family Name History and Framed Irish Coat of Arms & Family History are heirloom-quality framed prints that describe the Doherty family history in detail.

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The Doherty Pub in Ireland

It's always special to see a real Irish pub with your family name on it. Visit John O'Doherty's in Buncrana, County Donegal for a once-in-a-lifetime family photo.

If you can't visit in person, our personalized pub gifts are the next best thing!

Notable people named Doherty


  • Berlie Doherty, novelist
  • Brian Doherty (politician), a Chicago alderman
  • Brian Doherty (libertarian journalist), journalist
  • Brian Doherty (drummer), musician


  • Catherine Doherty, social activist
  • Charles Joseph Doherty, Canadian politician and jurist
  • Christopher Doherty, current mayor of Scranton, Pennsylvania


  • David Doherty, rugby player
  • Denny Doherty, singer
  • Diana Doherty, oboist


  • Earl Doherty, author
  • Ed Doherty, politician
  • Eddie Doherty, reporter, author, screenwriter and ultimately ordained priest
  • Edward P. Doherty, led the soldiers that captured the assassin of Abraham Lincoln


  • Gary Doherty, footballer


  • Joe Doherty, member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army
  • John Doherty, multiple people


  • Ken Doherty, snooker player
  • Kevin Doherty, Canadian judoka
  • Kieran Doherty, member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army


  • Lawrence Doherty, tennis player


  • Martin Doherty member of Provisional Irish republican Army
  • Matt Doherty (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Michael J. Doherty, New Jersey politician


  • P. C. Doherty, writer
  • Pat Doherty, politician
  • Pete Doherty, English singer
  • Peter Doherty (footballer), footballer
  • Peter C. Doherty, researcher


  • Reginald Doherty, tennis player
  • Richard Doherty, historian
  • Ryan E. Doherty, Pennsylvania Police Officer


  • Seán Doherty (Roscommon politician), politician
  • Sean Doherty (footballer), footballer
  • Shannen Doherty, American actress


  • Thomas M. Doherty, American Medal of Honor recipient
  • Tommy Doherty, footballer


  • William H. Doherty, electrical engineer
  • Willie Doherty, artist


  • Xavier Doherty, Australian cricketer

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