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The Irish Rose

Riley Name History

Riley Irish Coat of Arms


Riley is a surname of English or Irish origin. The English version derives from the Old English words rye and leah (meaning 'wood' or 'clearing'). The Gaelic version is Ó Raghallaigh. Read more about the Riley surname and coat of arms on the Reilly Name History page.

Variant spellings of the Irish surname Riley include Reilly, Rielly, Reilley, Reily, O'Riley, and many others.

How to find out more about the Riley family crest

We are proud to offer two items that may shed more light on the Riley family coat of arms and history in Ireland. Our Framed Irish Family Name History (#1760) and Framed Irish Coat of Arms & Family History (#1700) provide more details about the Riley family in Ireland. These beautiful framed documents will be treasured in the Riley family for years to come.

Find other Riley coat of arms products on the Irish Coat of Arms page.

Does Ireland have an Riley's Pub?

We looked, but didn't find a pub with the Riley spelling. We did find quite a few pubs for Reilly and O'Reilly. If you find a Riley's Pub on your next visit to Ireland, please let us know and send us the info!

If you can't visit one of these fine establishments, our personalized pub gifts are the next best thing!

Notable people named Riley

  • Ali Riley (born 1987), American-born New Zealand soccer player
  • Andy Riley (born 1970), British writer and cartoonist
  • Arthur Riley (born 1903), South African footballer
  • Audrey Riley, English cellist
  • Bennett C. Riley (1790-–1853), American military governor of California before it became a US state
  • Bernard Riley (born 1981), American football player
  • Bill Riley (born 1950), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Billy Riley, English catch wrestling instructor
  • Billy Lee Riley (1933-–2009), American musician
  • Ben Riley (born 1933), American jazz drummer
  • Bob Riley (born 1944), American politician, Governor of Alabama
  • Bob C. Riley (1924–-1994), American politician, briefly Governor of Arkansas in 1975
  • Boots Riley, American vocalist
  • Bob Riley, founder of race car company Riley & Scott
  • Bridget Riley (born 1931), British op-art painter
  • Bridgett Riley (born 1973), American boxer
  • Burke Riley (1914–-2006), American state legislator
  • Charles Owen Leaver Riley (1854–-1929), the first Anglican Archbishop of Perth
  • Charley Riley, American boxer
  • Charlotte Riley (born 1981), English actress
  • Chris Riley (golfer) (born 1973), professional American golfer
  • Chris Riley (priest) (born 1954), Australian Priest and prominent youth worker
  • Chris Riley (footballer), American USL Second Division soccer player
  • Christopher Riley (born 1967), English writer and film maker
  • Daniel Aloysius Riley (1916-–1984), Canadian politician
  • Dave Riley, American musician
  • Delbert Riley, Canadian First Nations leader
  • Denise Riley (born 1948), English professor of literature
  • Dorothy Comstock Riley (1924–-2004), American lawyer and judge
  • Doug Riley, Canadian musician
  • Eric Riley (born 1970), American basketball player
  • Forbes Riley (born 1960), American actress
  • Frank Riley, American athlete
  • Freida J. Riley (1937-–1969), American math and science teacher
  • Gary Riley (born 1963), American actor
  • Gina Riley (born 1961), Australian actor, writer, singer and comedian
  • Gwendoline Riley (born 1979), English writer
  • Harold Riley (artist) (born 1934), English artist
  • Harold William Hounsfield Riley (1877–-1946), Canadian politician from Alberta
  • Herbert D. Riley (1904-1973), United States Navy admiral
  • Herlin Riley (born 1957), American jazz drummer
  • Herman Riley (1933-–2007), American saxophone player
  • Hu Riley, American World War II soldier
  • Isaac Riley (1852-–1926), Canadian politician
  • Ivan Riley (1900-–1943), American Olympic athlete
  • Jack Riley (actor) (born 1935), American comedian and actor
  • Jack Riley (ice hockey b. 1910) (1910-–1994), Irish ice hockey player
  • Jack Riley (ice hockey b. 1919) (born 1919), Canadian ice hockey player
  • James Riley (Captain) Captain of the American merchant ship Commerce
  • James Riley (soccer player) (born 1982), American soccer winger for the New England Revolution
  • James Whitcomb Riley (1849-–1916), American writer and poet
  • Jeannie C. Riley (born 1945), American country and gospel music singer
  • Jim Riley (American football) (born 1945), American football player
  • Jo Riley (born 20th c., Josephine Riley), UK writer, translator, actor, specialized in Chinese theatre
  • Joe Riley (artist) (1964-–2007), U.S. artist, special effects artist, SubGenius
  • Joe Riley (hockey) (1923-–1976), U.S. ice hockey player
  • Joe Riley (rugby league), British rugby league footballer
  • John Riley (poet) (1937-–1978), English poet associated with the British Poetry Revival
  • John H. Riley (1947-–1994), American attorney and railroad transportation administrator
  • John J. Riley (1895-–1962), American politician, U.S. Representative from South Carolina
  • John P. Riley, Jr. or Jack Riley (born 1920), American ice hockey coach
  • Jon Riley (1805–-1850), Irish-American US Army officer who deserted to fight for Mexico in the Mexican war
  • Jonathon Riley (born 1955), British Army officer
  • Joseph Harvey Riley (1873-–1941), U.S. ornithologist, Smithsonian Institution
  • Joseph P. Riley, Jr. (born 1943), U.S. politician, Charleston mayor
  • Julia Riley, English astrophysicist
  • Karon Riley (born 1978), American football player
  • Ken Riley (born 1947), American football player
  • Kent Riley, English actor
  • Larry Riley (1952-–1992), American actor
  • Lawrence Riley (1896–-1974), American playwright
  • Lisa Riley (born 1976), English actress and broadcaster
  • Malcolm Riley (born 1960), British musician and author
  • Marc Riley (born 1961), British musician, critic, and disc jockey
  • Mark Riley (American radio host) (born 1951), American radio host
  • Mark Riley (journalist), Australian television presenter 
  • Matt Riley (born 1979), American baseball player
  • Melanie Riley (born 1968), American businessperson
  • Michael Riley (born 1962), Canadian actor
  • Michael Riley (artist) (1960-–2004), Australian artist
  • Mike Riley (born 1952), American college football coach
  • Nancy Riley (born 1958), American state senator
  • Pat Riley (born 1945), American professional basketball coach
  • Patrick T. Riley, American political theorist
  • Paul Riley, Scottish actor and comedian
  • Peter Riley (born 1940), English poet
  • Raven Riley (born 1986), American adult-film actress
  • Richard Riley (born 1933), American politician, Governor of South Carolina 1979–1987
  • Rob Riley, Australian Aboriginal activist
  • Ronald Riley (born 1947), Australian Olympic field hockey player
  • Ruth Riley (born 1979), American basketball player
  • Sam Riley (born 1980), English actor
  • Samantha Riley (born 1972), Australian swimmer
  • Steve Riley, American accordionist, singer
  • Steve Riley (drummer) (born 1956), American drummer
  • Talulah Riley (born 1985), English actress
  • Teddy Riley (jazz) (1924-–1992), American jazz trumpeter
  • Teddy Riley (producer) (born 1967), American producer, singer, songwriter, and musician
  • Terry Riley (born 1935), American composer
  • Trevor Riley (born 1948), Australian judge
  • Victor Riley (born 1972), American football player
  • Wayne Riley (born 1962), Australian golfer

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