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O'Malley is a surname of Irish origin. O'Malley is an anglicisation of Ó Máille, which means a descendant of a follower of St John. O'Malley is most often associated with Ireland's County Mayo.

Variant Spellings of the Irish surname O'Malley include O'Mallay, O'Mally, O'Mailley, O'Mealey, and many more. The O'Malley clan is often associated with sailors and the clan motto is, "Terra Marique Potens," which is Latin for, "Powerful on Land and Sea."

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jjomalleys.jpgFind an Irish O'Malley Pub

There is a pub with the O'Malley name on it in Westport, County Mayo. The John J. O'Malley Bar and Restaurant (called JJ O'Malleys) features full dining and live music. 


Notable people named O'Malley

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