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Nolan Name History

Nolan Irish Coat of Arms


Nolan is among the fifty leading names in Ireland. Most Nolans in Ireland today can be found in the Province of Leinster and in County Cork. Nolan is an Irish surname and an Irish Clan. Nolan derives from Ó Nualláin, a sept that was located in County Carlow. 

The Nolan motto

The Nolan motto is "Cor unum, via una," which is Latin for, "One heart, one road."

Variant spellings of the Irish surname Nolan include O'Nolan, Nowlan, Knowlan, Noland, among others.

Learn more about the Nolan family name

For more information about the Nolans, see the Framed Irish Family Name History, (#1760).

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Find Nolan's Pub in Ireland

We located a Nolan's Pub in Rosscarbery, County Cork. Painted in cheerful yellow and red and close to the water, it would be the perfect backdrop for a Nolan family photo.

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Notable people named Nolan

  • Albert Nolan (born 1934), South African Roman Catholic theologian
  • Anna Nolan (born 1970), Irish television presenter
  • Anthony Nolan (1972-1979), for whom the Anthony Nolan UK charity was formed
  • Barry Nolan, American television presenter
  • Bernadette Nolan (born 1960), Irish entertainer and actress
  • Bob Nolan (1908-1980), Canadian singer-songwriter and actor
  • Brandon Nolan (born 1983), retired NHL ice hockey player
  • Brian Nolan (1932-2006), Canadian journalist and author
  • Catherine Nolan, American politician
  • Christopher Nolan (author) (born 1965), Irish poet
  • Christopher Nolan (born 1970), film director
  • Clive Nolan, British musician and producer
  • Coleen Nolan (born 1965), English television presenter
  • David Nolan (author) (born 1946), American non-fiction writer
  • David Nolan (Libertarian Party), American politician, founder of the Libertarian Party
  • Deanna Nolan (born 1979), American basketball player
  • Dennis E. Nolan (1872-1956), U.S. Army general
  • Dick Nolan (football) (born 1932), American football player & coach
  • Dick Nolan (musician) (1939-2005), Canadian musician
  • Eddie Nolan (born 1988), Irish footballer
  • Faith Nolan (born 1957), Canadian musician and social activist
  • Francis Nolan, British phonetician
  • Frederick Nolan (born 1931), British editor and writer
  • Gary Nolan (baseball player) (born 1948), American baseball player
  • Gary Nolan (radio host) (born 1954), American politician and radio host
  • Graham Nolan, comic book artist
  • Henry Grattan Nolan (1893-1957), Canadian lawyer
  • Jeanette Nolan (1911-1998), American actress
  • Jerry Nolan (1946-1992), American drummer
  • Joe Nolan (born 1951), American baseball player
  • John Nolan (musician) (born 1978), American singer and musician
  • John Gavin Nolan, American Roman Catholic bishop
  • John Philip Nolan (1838-1912), Irish landowner and politician
  • Jonathan Nolan (born 1976), British screenwriter
  • Jonathan Nolan (born 1989), Irish 'Never-Say-Die' Debating Champion, of Clonsilla, Dublin.
  • Jordan Nolan (ice hockey) (born 1989), Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Joseph A. Nolan, Philippine-┬ľAmerican War Medal of Honor recipient
  • Joseph Nolan Irish politician
  • Kevin Nolan (born 1982), English footballer of Irish and Dutch descent
  • Leo Nolan (born 1972), American boxer
  • Lloyd Nolan (1902-1985), American actor
  • Louis Edward Nolan (1818-1854), Canadian-British soldier
  • M. J. Nolan (born 1951), Irish politician
  • Mae Nolan (1886-1973), American politician
  • Martin Nolan, American journalist
  • Mary Nolan (1905-1948), American actress
  • Michael N. Nolan, Irish-American politician
  • Michael Nolan, Baron Nolan, British judge
  • Mike Nolan (born 1954), Irish singer
  • Mike Nolan (born 1959), American football player & coach
  • Mike Nolan, principal of Middle Park State School
  • Monica Nolan (1913-1995), American tennis player
  • Nicholas M. Nolan (1835-1883) US Soldier during the American Civil War & Indian Wars
  • Norma Nolan (born c.1943), Argentinian beauty queen
  • Owen Nolan (born 1972), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Pat Nolan, Canadian hockey player
  • Pat Nolan (born 1950), American lawyer, politician & activist
  • Patrick Nolan (1881┬ľ1941), Canadian politician
  • Philip Nolan (1771-1801), Irish-American confidence trickster
  • Richard Nolan (born 1943), American politician
  • Seán Nolan, Irish Sinn Féin politician
  • Sidney Nolan (1917-1992), Australian painter
  • Stephen Nolan (born 1973), Northern Irish radio and television presenter
  • Ted Nolan (born 1958), Canadian ice hockey player and coach
  • Tom Nolan (1921-1992), Irish politician
  • William F. Nolan (born 1928), American novelist
  • William I. Nolan (1874-1943), American politician

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