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Murray Name History

Murray Irish Coat of arms


Murray is among the leading names in Ireland. Some Ulster Murrays have Scottish ancestry. Murray is both a Scottish and Irish surname. The Irish version derives from Ó MuireadhaighThe Roscommon O'Muireadhaigh Sept anglicized their name to Murray in the 1600s. 

The Scottish version is a common variation of the word Moray, an anglicisation of the medieval Gaelic word Muireb (or Moreb); the b here was pronounced as v, hence the Latinization to Moravia. These names denote the district on the south shore of the Moray Firth, in Scotland. Murray is a direct transliteration of how Scottish people pronounce the word Moray. The Murray spelling is not used for the geographical area, which is called Moray, but it became the commonest form of the surname, especially among Scottish emigrants, to the extent that the surname Murray is now much more common than the original surname Moray.

Variant Spellings of the Irish surname Murray include Murrey, Moray, Morey, Morrey, Morry, Murry, and many more.

Learn more about the Murray family name

For more information about the Murrays, see the Framed Irish Family Name History, (#1760).

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Is there a Murray Pub in Ireland?

There is a Murray's Pub in Roscommon Town in County Roscommon. Visit them on Facebook at Murray's Bar Knockcroghery.

If you can't visit Murray's Pub in person, our personalized pub gifts are the next best thing!

Notable people named Murray


  • Adam Murray, English footballer
  • Al Murray, comedian
  • Albert Murray (writer) (born 1916), African American literary and jazz critic, novelist and biographer
  • Albert Murray, Baron Murray of Gravesend (1930–1980), British Labour Party politician, Member of Parliament 1964– 1970
  • Bert Murray (born 1942), English football player
  • Alexander Murray (1755-–1821), U.S. Navy officer, Revolutionary War
  • Alexander Murray (1816-–1884), U.S. Navy officer, Mexican-American and American Civil Wars
  • Alexander Murray (geologist) (1810–-1884), Scottish geologist
  • Alexander Murray (linguist) (1775-–1813), linguist and professor at Edinburgh University
  • Alexander Murray, 1st Baron Murray of Elibank (1870-–1920)
  • Alexander Murray, 6th Earl of Dunmore
  • Alexander Murray, 8th Earl of Dunmore
  • Alexander Hunter Murray (1818 or 1819–-1874), a Hudson's Bay Company fur trader and artist
  • Alexander Stuart Murray (1841-–1904), archaeologist
  • Aline Murray Kilmer, American poet
  • Allan Murray, Australian rules footballer
  • Alma Murray, (born 1854), actress
  • Sir Andrew Murray, Guardian of Scotland in 1332 and again from 1335 to 1338
  • Andrew Murray (botanist), (1812-–1878), Scottish botanist
  • Andrew Murray (campaigner and journalist), member of the Communist Party of Britain
  • Andrew Murray (children's writer), English children's writer
  • Andrew Murray (golfer) (born 1956), English golfer
  • Andrew Murray (minister) (1828-–1917), South African minister of religion, missionary, and author
  • Andrew Murray (politician), Australian politician, current member of the Australian Senate
  • Andrew Murray, 1st Viscount Dunedin
  • Andrew C. Murray, Texas state representative, 1893-–1895, 1903-–1905, and 1911-–1917
  • Andy Murray (ice hockey), Canadian ice hockey player, coach
  • Andy Murray (born 1987), currently the top-ranked British tennis player
  • Ann Murray, Irish mezzo-soprano
  • Anne Murray (born 1945), Canadian singer
  • Anne Murray, Duchess of Atholl
  • Anton Murray, South African cricketer
  • Antonio Murray, English football player
  • Antonio Murray (police officer), former Baltimore Police officer sentenced to 139 years in prison
  • Archibald Murray (1860-–1945), British general
  • Arthur Murray (1895-–1991), American dance instructor and businessman, married to Kathryn Murray
  • Arthur Murray, 3rd Viscount Elibank
  • Athol Murray, Canadian priest and high school president
  • Lady Augusta Murray


  • Barbara Murray, actress
  • Bert Murray (born 1942), English football player
  • Bill Murray (born 1950), American actor
  • Billy Murray (actor) (born 1941), British actor
  • Billy Murray (singer) (1877-–1954), American singer
  • Bob Murray (businessman), businessman and former chairman of Sunderland Football Club
  • Brady Murray, American ice hockey player
  • Brett Murray, South African artist
  • Brian Doyle-Murray, American comedian, screenwriter and actor
  • Bruce C. Murray, American planetary scientist
  • Bruce Murray (cricketer), New Zealand cricketer
  • Bruce Murray (soccer), American soccer player
  • Bryan Murray (ice hockey), Canadian ice hockey coach and executive


  • Chad Michael Murray (born 1981), American actor, former male fashion model and teen idol
  • Charlotte Murray, Duchess of Atholl (1731–-1805)
  • Cheryl Murray (born 1952), British actress
  • Chris Murray (born 1966), Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist
  • Christian Murray, Canadian comedy writer
  • Clark Murray (born 1938), American sculptor
  • Colin Murray, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Conrad Murray (born 1953), personal physician of Michael Jackson
  • Craig Murray (born 1958), British commentator on government foreign policy and former diplomat


  • Daniel Murray (mathematician) (born 1862) Canadian mathematician
  • Daniel Alexander Payne Murray (1852–-1925), African American intellectual
  • Darren Murray (born 1974), Scottish footballer
  • Darrin Murray (born 1967), New Zealand cricketer
  • Dave Murray (musician) (born 1956), Iron Maiden guitarist
  • David Murray-Lyon (1890–-1975), officer in the Indian Army
  • Dee Murray (1946-–1992), British bassist, best known as a member of Elton John's original rock band
  • Denis Murray (journalist) (born 1951), British television journalist
  • DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys running back
  • Denis Murray (athlete), Irish athlete at the 1908 Olympic Games in London
  • Deryck Murray (born 1943), former West Indies cricketer
  • Devon Murray (born 1988), Irish actor
  • Don Murray (clarinetist) (1904-–1929), American jazz musician
  • Don Murray (actor) (born 1929), American actor
  • Don Murray (writer) (1923-–2006), Pulitzer Prize winning writer for the Boston Herald
  • Donald Walter Gordon Murray (1894-–1976), Canadian surgeon
  • Douglas Murray (ice hockey) (born 1980), Swedish ice hockey player
  • Durno Murray (1925-–2009), Australian ornithologist


  • Ed Murray (Washington politician), politician from Washington State
  • Eddie Murray (born 1956), American baseball player
  • Eddie Murray (American football)
  • Edmund P. Murray (1930-–2007), American novelist and journlist
  • Edwin R. Murray (born 1960), American politician
  • Elaine Murray, Scottish politician
  • Eli Houston Murray, Governor of Utah Territory (1880-–1886)
  • Eoin Murray, Irish auto racing driver
  • Eunice Murray, housekeeper of Marilyn Monroe
  • Eustace Clare Grenville Murray (1824–-1881), English journalist


  • Francis Murray, mayor of Brisbane
  • Francis Edwin Murray, poet
  • Francis Joseph Murray, American mathematician known for his foundational work on functional analysis
  • Frank Murray, coach of the Virginia Cavaliers
  • Franny Murray, American football player
  • Frieda A. Murray, fantasy writer


  • Garth Murray, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Geoffrey Cushing-Murray, American songwriter
  • Gideon Oliphant-Murray, 2nd Viscount Elibank
  • Gilbert Murray, British intellectual
  • Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 1st Earl of Minto
  • Glen Murray (ice hockey), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Glen Murray (politician) (born 1957), Canadian politician
  • Glenn Murray, English football player
  • Gerald R. Murray, 14th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
  • Gordon Murray, designer of Formula One race cars
  • Gordon Murray, Sr., American attorney at law
  • Gordon Murray (puppeteer)
  • K. Gordon Murray, American film producer
  • Graham Murray, Australian rugby league player and coach
  • Graham Murray, Irish GAA all star
  • Grant Murray, Scottish professional footballer
  • Grover E. Murray, President of Texas Tech University (1966-–1976)
  • Guillermo Murray (born 1927), Argentine-Mexican actor and director
  • Guy Murray, American track/cross country coach and former marathon runner


  • Hannah Murray (born 1989), English actress
  • Harold James Ruthven Murray (1868-–1955), English chess historian
  • Harry Murray (1880-–1966), Australian Victoria Cross recipient
  • Henry Murray, (1893–-1988), American psychologist who developed the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • Herbert Harley Murray (1829-–1904), English colonial governor
  • Hubert Murray (1861-–1940), brother of Gilbert Murray


  • Iain Murray, theologian
  • Iain Murray (sailor), Australian olympic sailor
  • Ian Murray, Canadian politician


  • J. A. Murray (naturalist)
  • Jan Murray, American stand-up comedian
  • Janice Murray, English association footballer
  • Janet Murray, professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Jenni Murray, British journalist and broadcaster
  • Jennifer Murray, British pilot and the first woman to circumnavigate the world in a helicopter
  • Jillian Murray, an American Actress
  • Jim Murray (football), an American football executive
  • Jim Murray (musician), a San Francisco musician of the 1960s
  • Jim Murray (sportswriter) (1919-–1998), a sportswriter
  • Joan Murray, American poet
  • John Courtney Murray, American priest and theologian
  • John Stewart-Murray, 7th Duke of Atholl
  • John Stewart-Murray, 8th Duke of Atholl
  • Johnston Murray, Governor of Oklahoma
  • Jonathan Murray, television producer
  • Joseph Murray (1919-–2012), American plastic surgeon
  • Joe Murray (animator) (born 1961), creator of Rocko's Modern Life and Camp Lazlo
  • Joe Murray (baseball) (1920–2001), American baseball player
  • Joe Murray (boxer) (born 1987), British boxer
  • Joe Murray (cyclist) (born 1963), American cyclist
  • Joseph Philip Robert Murray (born 1943), Canadian Mounted Police commissioners
  • Junior Murray (born 1968), West Indian cricketer


  • Katharine Stewart-Murray, Duchess of Atholl
  • Kathryn Murray, American dance instructor, married to Arthur Murray
  • Keith Murray (ceramic artist)
  • Keith Murray (rapper)
  • Keith Murray (singer) (born 1978), lead vocalist for We Are Scientists
  • Keith Murray, Baron Murray of Newhaven (1903-–1993), British academic


  • Lee Murray (born 1977), a British mixed martial arts fighter of partial Moroccan descent.
  • Len Murray (Lionel Murray, Baron Murray of Epping Forest, 1922-–2004), British Trade Union leader
  • Lenda Murray (born 1962), American female bodybuilder
  • Les Murray (broadcaster)
  • Les Murray (poet)
  • Lindley Murray (tennis) (1892–-1970), American tennis player


  • Madalyn Murray O'Hair (1919-–1995), American atheist
  • Magnus Miller Murray (1787–-1838), Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Margaret Murray (1863-–1963), British Egyptologist
  • Michael Murray (organist)
  • Mike Murray (cricketer)
  • Mike Murray (ice hockey)
  • Montolieu Oliphant-Murray, 1st Viscount Elibank


  • Neil Murray (Australian musician)
  • Neil Murray (British musician)


  • Patty Murray (Patricia Lynn Murray, born 1950), United States Senator
  • Pete Murray, Australian singer-songwriter
  • Pete Murray (disc jockey)
  • Peter Murray (Harvard Law School), Harvard Law professor


  • Raymond Murray, American Marine Corps officer
  • Red Murray, American baseball player
  • Rem Murray, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Richard Murray, British businessman
  • Rob Murray, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Robin Murray, British psychiatrist
  • Ronald Murray, American basketball player
  • Ronald King Murray, Lord Murray, Scottish politician and judge
  • Ruby Murray, Northern Ireland singer
  • Rupert Murray, film director


  • Scott Murray, Scottish rugby player
  • Stephen Murray, including:
  • Stephen Murray (actor) (1912–1983), British actor
  • Stephen O. Murray (born 1950), a sociologist, anthropologist scholar specialising in homosexuality

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