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Moran Name History

Moran Coat of Arms


There are many different crests of Moran, all bearing 3 stars and the motto, Lucent in Tenebris, Latin for "They shine in darkness."Moran is a modern Irish surname and derived from membership of a medieval dynastic sept. The name means a "descendent of Mórán," translated as "big one."

The Morans in Ireland

Morans were a respected sept of the Uí Fiachrach dynasty in the western counties of Mayo and Sligo. In Ireland, where the name descended from the Gaelic, it is generally pronounced phonetically as "more-in." Elsewhere, pronunciation follows the French surname, Morant, anglicized to phonetically as "more-anne".

Most Morans in County Mayo are descended from the Ó Móráin sept whose ancient kingdom was in north Mayo, surrounding the modern town of Ballina. Following the Norman invasion, their territory was usurped by the Barretts and Burkes and the sept lost its central organization. The modern distribution of the surname within Mayo suggests that the Morans spread southwards and today are chiefly found in the central area of the county, particularly in the barony of Carra. There is also a small village in Monaghan named "Moran" meaning abode of "The Great One" the leader of the Celts.

Variant spellings of the Irish surname Moran may include O'Moran, Murrin, Murran and others.

Learn more about the Moran family name

For more information about the Morans, see the Framed Irish Family Name History, (#1760).

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Notable people named Moran

  • Adolfo Moran, a Spanish famous architect
  • Bill Moran 
  • Brad Moran (ice hockey), a Canadian hockey player
  • Brad Moran (AFL), an Australian rules football player
  • Brendan Moran, an American television personality
  • Bugs Moran, a Chicago prohibition-era gangster
  • Caitlin Moran, a British writer and journalist
  • Charley Moran, a baseball player and football coach
  • Chris Moran, a Royal Air Force officer
  • Chris Moran (ice hockey), an American ice hockey player
  • Colin Moran, a Dublin Gaelic footballer
  • Crissy Moran, an American former pornographic actress & model
  • Daniel Keys Moran, a science fiction writer
  • Denis Moran (Gaelic footballer), an Irish Gaelic football player
  • Dennis Moran (computer criminal), an American computer hacker
  • Dennis Moran (rugby league), a British rugby league footballer
  • Diana Moran, a British model
  • Dylan Moran, an Irish comedian, star of Black Books
  • Edward Moran, an American artist
  • Edward C. Moran, Jr., an American politician
  • Erin Moran, an American actress
  • Frank Moran, a Heavyweight boxer, actor
  • Hap Moran (Francis Dayle), a professional football player
  • Hugh Moran, a Manitoban politician
  • Ian Moran, a professional hockey player
  • James Moran (writer), a British screenwriter
  • Jason Moran (1967–-2003), an Australian criminal
  • Jason Moran (musician), a jazz pianist
  • Jerry Moran (born 1954), a United States Representative from Kansas
  • Jim Moran (automotive), an American automotive entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Jim Moran (born 1945), a United States Representative from Virginia
  • Jim Moran (publicist), a publicist
  • Joe Moran (social historian)
  • John Moran (composer) (born 1965), an American composer
  • John Moran (cellist), an American musician and musicologist
  • John E. Moran (1856–-1930), a soldier
  • Judy Moran, a mother
  • Julie Moran, a United States television personality
  • Kenneth Moran, a New Zealand boxer
  • Kevin Moran (footballer) (born 1956), an Irish footballer
  • Kevin Moran (hurler)
  • Lewis Moran (1941-–2004), an Australian criminal
  • Lindsay Moran, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer
  • Lois Moran, an American actress
  • Lord Moran, Winston Churchill's physician
  • Malcolm Moran, an American sportswriter
  • Margaret Moran (born 1955), a British politician
  • Maria Margarita Moran-Floirendo, a former Miss Universe
  • Mark Moran (criminal) (1964-–2000), an Australian criminal
  • Matt Moran, an Australian Chef
  • Mayo Moran, the dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Toronto
  • Michael P. Moran, an American actor and playwright
  • Michelle Moran, an American author
  • Mike Moran (music producer) (born 1948), an English keyboard musician and producer
  • Nancy Moran, an American singer and songwriter
  • Nick Moran (born 1968), a British actor
  • Paddy Moran (ice hockey), a Canadian hockey goaltender
  • Pat Moran (1876-–1924), an American baseball player and manager
  • Pat Moran (statistician) (1917-–1988)
  • Patrick Moran 
  • Paul Moran (American soccer) (born 1983)
  • Paul Moran (photojournalist) (1963-–2003), a photojournalist
  • Paul Moran (English footballer) (born 1968), an English football player
  • Pauline Moran, an English actress
  • Polly Moran, an American actress and comedian
  • Reid Venable Moran (born 1916), a botanist
  • Robert Moran (born 1937), an American composer
  • Robert Moran (shipbuilder) (1857-–1943), an American shipbuilder
  • Rocky Moran (born 1950), a race car driver
  • Roger Moran, a British hillclimb driver
  • Ronnie Moran, a British football coach
  • Sam Moran (born 1978), an entertainer
  • Shawn Moran (born 1961), a speedway rider
  • Shlomo Moran, an Israeli computer scientist
  • Steve Moran, an English football player
  • Terry Moran, a television news correspondent
  • Terry Moran (bureaucrat), an Australian senior public servant
  • Thomas Moran (1837-–1926), an artist of the Hudson River School
  • Thomas Moran (author)
  • Thomas P. Moran, an engineer
  • Tommy Moran, a British Fascist
  • Tony Moran, a remixer and producer
  • William Joseph Moran, an American Roman Catholic bishop
  • William L. Moran (1921-–2000), an Assyriologist
  • "Mr. Moran," alias used by Salvatore Gravano, the underboss of the Gambino crime family

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