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McGuire Name History

McGuire Coat of Arms


McGuire is a surname of Irish origin, from the Gaelic "Mag Uidhir." The name means "son of Odhar." Some historical background seems to indicate that the name Mag Uidhir, Maguire, or McGuire stems from the Magi of Éire who were the priests of ancient Ireland.

McGuire Castle in Enniskillen

McGuires are most often associated with County Fermanagh. The McGuire Royal Family (Maguidhirs) lived in the McGuire (Maguidhir) castle in Enniskillen (see photo). The origins of the island town of Enniskillen go back to prehistory when this short nexus was the main highway between Ulster and Connaught. Enniskillen Castle was the medieval seat of the McGuire (Maguidhir), chieftains of Fermanagh, who policed the lough with a private navy of 1,500 boats. Nearby is Maguiresbridge. At the castle, the King heard wind of a large army that had been sent to attack. Fearing the loss of all his clan, he sent half of his people to the northwest of Scotland, who adopted the surname of MacQuarrie.

Variant spellings of the Irish surname McGuire include MacGuire, Guire, Guirey, Guiry, among others.

More about the McGuire family name

For more information about the McGuires, see the Framed Irish Family Name History, (#1760).

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The McGuire Pubs of Ireland

We found several Maguire and McGuire pubs in Ireland. Here are a few to put on your itinerary: 

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McGuire Castle in EnniskillenNotable people named McGuire

  • Al McGuire (1928-–2001), American college basketball coach
  • Anne McGuire (born 1949), Scottish politician; MP for Stirling
  • Annie McGuire, Scottish broadcaster and talk-show presenter
  • Barry McGuire (born 1935), American singer and songwriter
  • Betty McGuire, American television and film actress
  • Bill McGuire (volcanologist), English professor of volcanology
  • Billy and Benny McGuire, Guinness World Record holders for "World's Heaviest Twins"
  • Brian McGuire (1945–-1977), Australian race car driver
  • Bruce McGuire, Australian rugby league player
  • Casey McGuire (born 1980), Australian rugby league player
  • Danny McGuire, English rugby league player
  • Dave McGuire, founded the McGuire Programme for recovering stammerers in 1994
  • Deacon McGuire (1863–-1936), American professional baseball player, manager, and coach
  • Dick McGuire (1926–-2010), American professional basketball player and coach
  • Dominic McGuire, American professional basketball player
  • Dorothy McGuire (1916-–2001), American actress
  • Eddie McGuire (born 1964), Australian television journalist, sportscaster, and game show host
  • Edith McGuire (born 1944), American Olympic athlete in sprinting events in the 1964 Olympics
  • Edward McGuire (composer) (born 1948), Scottish composer
  • Frank McGuire (1916–-1994), American college basketball coach
  • Fred Henry McGuire, American Medal of Honor recipient
  • Gary McGuire (born 1938), English professional football player
  • Hunter McGuire (1835-–1900), American physician, teacher, and orator
  • Kathryn McGuire (1903-–1978), American silent film actress and dancer
  • Lester E. McGuire Sr. (1907-1998)
  • James McGuire (VC) (1827-–1862), Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • James Kennedy McGuire (1868-–1923), American politician; mayor of Syracuse, New York
  • Joe McGuire (born 1944), Canadian politician; MP from Prince Edward Island
  • John McGuire 
  • Maeve McGuire (born 1937), American soap opera actress
  • The McGuire Sisters (Christine, Dorothy, Phyllis), American singers (biological sisters)
  • Michael McGuire 
  • Molly McGuire, Canadian-American singer and songwriter
  • Patrick McGuire (born 1987), English professional football player
  • Patti McGuire (born 1951), American model; Playboy Playmate of the Year 1977
  • Paul McGuire, Canadian entertainer, game show host, and producer
  • Paul McGuire (radio host), American radio host, author, and columnist
  • Peter J. McGuire (1852-–1906), American labor leader; important figure in the AFL
  • Phil McGuire (footballer) (born 1980), Scottish footballer
  • Phil McGuire (field hockey) (born 1970), British former field hockey player
  • Pierre McGuire (born 1961), American ice hockey analyst and sports commentator
  • Reba Rambo-McGuire, Christian singer and songwriter
  • Thomas McGuire (1920-–1945), American WWII flying ace; eponym of McGuire AFB
  • Victor McGuire, English actor
  • William Anthony McGuire, Academy Award winning American screenwriter and dramatist
  • William W. McGuire, American physician; former CEO of UnitedHealth Group
  • Samuel A. McGuire, Technology Director; CTO of Evolution Bureau

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