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McCormick Name History

McCormick Irish Coat of Arms


McCormick (or McCormack) is a family name (surname) that originated in Ireland and Scotland. Spelling variations include Cormack, MacCormack, McCormack, McCormick, MacCormick, Cormac, Cormach, Cormich and Cormiche. It comes from the first name of the original bearer. A person whose father was named Cormac would identify as Mc (i.e. "son of") Cormac; the combination was continued as the family name by subsequent generations. Another possible derivation of the name is that it comes from the gaelic Mac Cormaic which comes from corb and mac meaning "Ravenson"

Cormac is translated literally as "Charioteer Warrior." The name was a very popular choice of names by parents in medieval times: this was due to the influences of the Saint of the same name. Saint Cormac was the first Bishop of Cashel, an important diocese in the south of Ireland. Cashel was also the King of Munster and responsible for a famous book of Psalms, the Cashel Psalter He died in battle in AD 908. In those days the McCormack was the name of a powerful sept (clan or family) in the county of Longford.

In 1576, 1598 and 1600, MacCormicks are recorded as leading gentry in County Cork and one, of Muskerry, was influential enough to raise a large force to assist Desmond in the Elizabethan wars. The Annals of the Four Masters record the deaths of several prominent MacCormicks of County Fermanagh; the last of these died in 1431.

Another possible derivation of the name is that it comes from the gaelic Mac Cormaic which comes from corb and mac meaning "Ravenson."

Learn more about the McCormick family name

The Framed Irish Family Name History, (#1760) has more information on the McCormick surname. There is a wide selection of McCormick coat of arms products at The Irish Rose. Please visit the Irish Coat of Arms page.

Is there a McCormick Pub in Ireland?

We were able to find an Irish namesake pub for the McCormicks, with a variant spelling. P McCormack & Sons is a small chain of traditional Irish pubs that can be found in Monkstown, South Inner City, and Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin. 

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Notable people named McCormick


  • Cyrus McCormick (1809–-1884), US inventor and businessman
  • Daniel McCormick (1739/40-1834), Scottish-born US businessman and banker
  • Harold Fowler McCormick (1872–-1941), US businessman, son of Cyrus McCormick
  • Joseph B. McCormick, head of a branch at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • L. Hamilton McCormick (1859–-1934), US inventor and businessman, nephew of Cyrus McCormick
  • Leander J. McCormick (1819–-1900), US businessman and philanthropist
  • Mark McCormack (1930–-2003), US advertising and marketing person
  • Robert Hall McCormick (1780–-1846), US inventor, father of Cyrus McCormick
  • Robert R. McCormick (1880–1955), US newspaper publisher
  • William McCormick (b. 1939), US businessman and government ambassador
  • William Sanderson McCormick (1815–-1865), US businessman, brother of Cyrus McCormick


  • Bruce H. McCormick (1928-–2007), US professor of computer scientist at Texas A&M University
  • Charles T. McCormick (1889-–1963), US professor of law and Dean at The University of Texas, the University of North Carolina, and Northwestern University
  • Derek McCormack (f. 1990-2000s), New Zealand professor and administrator of the Auckland University of Technology
  • Gavan McCormack (f. 1980-2000s), Australian-born visiting Professor of Social Science at the International Christian University in Tokyo
  • John McCormick (b. 1954), professor of Political Science at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Richard L. McCormick (b. 1947), US professor and university administrator at Rutgers University and the University of Washington
  • Samuel McCormick (1858–-1928), US professor and administrator of the University of Pittsburgh


  • Adetokumboh McCormack (f. 1990-2000s), Sierra Leone-born US film and television actor
  • Carolyn McCormick (b. 1959), US film and television actress
  • Catherine McCormack (b. 1972), English film actress
  • Danielle McCormack (f. 1990-2000s), English television actress
  • David McCormack (b. 1968), Australian singer and songwriter
  • Eric McCormack (b. 1963), Canadian-born US television, Broadway and film actor
  • F. J. McCormick (1889-–1947), Irish theater and film actor
  • Franklyn MacCormack (1906–-1971), US radio personality
  • Gayle McCormick (f. 1960-1970s), US female popular-music singer
  • Haley McCormick (bc. 1985), American television and film actress
  • Jill McCormick (b. 1977), US fashion model
  • John McCormack (1884-–1945), Irish singer
  • Larry McCormick (1933-–2004), US television personality
  • Lisa McCormick (f. 1990-2000s), US female singer and songwriter
  • Mary McCormack (b. 1969), US television, Broadway and film actress
  • Matt McCormick (f. 1990-2000s), US film producer and director
  • Maureen McCormick (b. 1956), US television and film actress
  • Megan McCormick (b. 1973), US television personality
  • Pat McCormick, US film actor and screenwriter
  • Pat McCormick (f. 1950-1980s), US television personality
  • Patty McCormack (b. 1945), US film, Broadway and television actress
  • Peter Dodds McCormick (1834?-1916), Australian songwriter, composer of Australian anthem
  • Robert "Mack" McCormick (b. 1930), US musicologist and folklorist


  • Cliff McCormack, fictional character on The CW television series Veronica Mars
  • Dan McCormick, fictional character in the film Man Made Monster
  • Kenny McCormick, fictional character in the animated series South Park.
  • Ren McCormack, fictional character in the film Footloose
  • Clive McCormack, fictional character in the video game The Getaway
  • Helen and Bartley McCormick, fictional characters in the "The Cripple of Inishmaan," a play by Martin McDonagh


  • Andrew Phelps McCormick (1832-–1916), US federal judge
  • Michael McCormack (bc. 1937), US state judge (Nebraska)
  • William J. McCormack (f. 1980-1990s), Mauritius-born Canadian Chief of Police


  • Derek McCormack (f. 1990-2000s), Canadian writer
  • Malky McCormick (b. 1943), Scottish cartoonist and caricaturist


  • Alexander McCormick, Jr. (1897–-1918), US pilot in World War I
  • Robert McCormick (explorer) (1800-–1890), British Royal Navy surgeon, explorer and naturalist
  • Lynde D. McCormick (1895-–1956), Four-Star Admiral, Commander in Chief of the United States Atlantic Fleet, First supreme allied commander of all NATO forces in the Atlantic
  • Malinda M. McCormick (2006- present), AZ2


  • Dale McCormick (b. 1947), US senator from Maine
  • Ellen McCormack (bc. 1926), US third-party candidate for US President in 1980
  • Henry C. McCormick (1839-–1902), US Representative from Pennsylvania
  • James Robinson McCormick (1824-–1897), US Representative from Missouri
  • John William McCormack (1891-198), US Representative from Massachusetts and Speaker of the House
  • Joseph Medill McCormick (1877–-1925), US Representative and Senator from Illinois
  • Larry McCormick (b. 1940), Canadian Member of Parliament
  • Michael McCormack, Australian Member of Parliament
  • Mike McCormack (b. 1921), US Representative from Washington
  • Norma McCormick (b. 1944), Canadian Member of the Legislative Assembly
  • Pádraic McCormack (b. 1942), Irish delegate to Teachta Dála
  • Richard Cunningham McCormick (1832-–1901), Governor of Arizona Territory and US Representative from New York
  • Robert Sanderson McCormick (1849-–1919), US diplomat
  • Ruth Hanna McCormick (1880–-1944), US Representative from Illinois
  • Sean McCormack (f. 1990-2000s), US Assistant Secretary of State
  • Terri McCormick, US member of Wisconsin House of Representatives
  • William McCormack (1879-–1947), Australian politician, Premier of Queensland


  • Alan McCormack (b. 1984), Irish athlete in football
  • Andrew McCormick (b. 1967), New Zealand-born Japanese athlete in rugby
  • Chris McCormack (b. 1973), Australian athlete in triathlon
  • Cody McCormick (b. 1983), Canadian athlete in ice hockey
  • Damien McCormack (b. 1987), Australian athlete in football
  • Debbie McCormick (b. 1974), Canadian-born American female athlete in curling
  • Don McCormack (b. 1955), US athlete in baseball
  • Ernie McCormick (1906–-1991), Australian athlete in cricket
  • Fergie McCormick (b. 1939), New Zealand rugby player
  • Fergal McCormack (b. 1974), Irish athlete in hurling and football
  • Frank McCormick (1911-–1982), US athlete in baseball
  • Hugh J. McCormick (1854–-1911), Canadian athlete in speed skating, World Professional Speed Skating Champion 1890-92
  • Jim McCormick (1856-–1918), Scottish-born US athlete in baseball
  • Jim McCormick US athlete in football
  • John McCormack (Scottish boxer) (b. 1935), Scottish athlete in boxing
  • Kelly McCormick (b. 1960), US female athlete in diving
  • Luke McCormick (b. 1983), English athlete in football
  • Mike McCormack (b. 1930), US athlete and coach in football
  • Mike McCormick (b. 1938), US athlete in baseball
  • Pat McCormick (b. 1930), US female athlete in diving
  • Ross McCormack (b. 1986), Scottish athlete in football
  • Stan McCormick (f. 1940-1970s), English athlete and coach in rugby
  • Steve McCormack (bc. 1973), Scottish coach in rugby
  • Tim McCormick (b. 1962), US athlete in basketball


  • Doyle McCormack, US railroad preservationist
  • Edith Rockefeller McCormick (1872–-1932), US socialite and opera patron
  • John Wesley McCormick (1754–-1837), early US settler in Indiana
  • Katherine McCormick (1875–-1967), US biologist, suffragette, philanthropist
  • John Wesley McCormick (1754–-1837), early US settler in Indiana
  • Malky McCormick, Scotland's best known cartoonist and caricaturist
  • Nancy Fowler McCormick (1835–-1923), US philanthropist, widow of Cyrus McCormick
  • Ricky McCormick (1958-1999), a man who mysteriously died. Found in St.Charles, Missouri with two encrypted notes.

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