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Lynch Name History

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Lynch is a surname of English and Irish origin. The most famous Irish Lynch family were one of the Tribes of Galway and of Anglo-Norman origin. The original Norman-French form of the surname, de Linch, indicated a now unknown place of origin, probably in Normandy. It is from this wealthy landowning line that Patrick Lynch, who moved to Argentina, was from; including descendant Che Guevara. Variant Spellings of the Irish surname Lynch include Linch, O'Lynch, O'Linch and others.

Learn more about the Lynch family name

The Framed Irish Family Name History, (#1760) has more information on the Lynch surname. There is a wide selection of Lynch coat of arms products at The Irish Rose. Please visit the Irish Coat of Arms page.

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Notable people named Lynch


  • Alastair Lynch (born 1968), Australian football player
  • Albert Lynch Peruvian painter
  • Angela Lynch Mayor of Galway


  • Benito Lynch, Argentine writer of Irish descent
  • Benny Lynch (1913–-1946), boxer
  • Brian Lynch (basketball), American basketball player
  • Brian Lynch (musician), American jazz musician
  • Brian Lynch (public servant), New Zealander
  • Brian Lynch (writer), American writer, director, and actor, best known for writing and directing the movie Big Helium Dog


  • Charles Lynch (jurist) (1736-–1796), Virginia militia officer in the American Revolutionary War and probable source of word "lynching"
  • Charles Lynch (politician) (1783–-1853), United States politician
  • Christopher Lynch (businessman), current Chief Financial Officer of BHP Billiton Ltd
  • Cynthia Lynch (born 1971), wrestler


  • Damian Lynch (born 1979), former Irish association footballer
  • Daniel Lynch (basketball) (1916-1981), former basketball coach at St. Francis College
  • David Lynch (born 1946), American film director


  • Eliza Lynch, mistress of Francisco Solano López, Paraguayan dictator
  • Eric the Midget (Eric Lynch), American radio personality
  • Evanna Lynch, Irish actress, known for her role as Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


  • Fionán Lynch, Irish politician


  • Genevieve Springston Lynch (1891–-1960), American artist
  • Geoffrey Lynch, aka Geffere Lynch, 4th Mayor of Galway, fl. 1488-1489
  • George Lynch (basketball), retired American professional basketball player
  • George Lynch (musician) (born 1954), American heavy metal guitarist
  • George Lynch (race car driver) (1918–-1997)
  • Gerard Lynch, several people
  • Grayston Lynch (1923-2008), American soldier and CIA officer


  • Holly Lynch, American model


  • Jack Lynch (1917–-1999), sports star and fourth Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland
  • Jane Lynch (born 1960), American actress
  • Jarvis Lynch (born 1933), American general
  • Jay Lynch (born 1945) An American cartoonist
  • Jennifer Lynch (born 1968), American film director
  • Jeremiah Lynch (1888-–1953), Irish-born Scotland Yard detective and spycatcher
  • Jessica Lynch (born 1983), American soldier and prisoner of war
  • Joe Lynch (actor) (1925-–2001), Irish actor
  • Joe Lynch (boxer) (1898-–1965), American boxer
  • Joel Lynch (born 1987), English footballer
  • John H. Lynch (born 1952), American politician and governor of New Hampshire (2005–)
  • John Lynch (actor), actor from Northern Ireland
  • John Lynch (American football) (born 1971), American football player
  • John R. Lynch (1847–-1939), black U.S. politician after the American Civil War


  • Kelly Lynch (born 1959), American actress
  • Kenny Lynch, English singer and actor
  • Kevin Lynch (hunger striker), Irish republican
  • Kevin A. Lynch (1918-–1984), American urban planner and author
  • Kevin G. Lynch, Canadian civil servant


  • Liam Lynch (Irish Republican) (1893-–1923), Irish general
  • Liam Lynch (musician) (born 1970), musician, puppeteer, and director


  • Mark Lynch, association footballer
  • Mark Lynch, Gaelic footballer
  • Marshawn Lynch, American football player


  • Nancy Lynch, professor at MIT
  • Noel Lynch, British politician
  • Nnenna Lynch, American distance runner


  • Patricio Lynch, Chilean Rear-Admiral
  • Patrick Lynch (Argentina), Irish emigrant to Argentina and ancestor of Che Guevara
  • Patrick Lynch (Roman Catholic Bishop), Roman Catholic Diocese of Southwark
  • Patrick C. Lynch, incumbent Attorney General of Rhode Island
  • Patrick J. Lynch, artist and author
  • Patrick Neeson Lynch, Catholic bishop during the American Civil War
  • Peirce Lynch, first Mayor of Galway
  • Peter Lynch (born 1944), investor


  • Quinten Lynch, Australian Football League player for the West Coast Eagles


  • Ray Lynch (born 1943), American musician
  • Robert Clyde Lynch, American physician who developed the Lynch operation
  • Ross Lynch, American actor and musician
  • Rydel Lynch, American musician
  • Rocky Lynch, American musician
  • Riker Lynch, American actor and musician


  • Sandra Lea Lynch (born 1946), first woman judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit
  • Scott Lynch (born 1978), American fantasy author
  • Shane Lynch (born 1976), Irish singer
  • Simon Lynch (footballer), Canadian footballer
  • Stan Lynch, former drummer for Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
  • Stephen Lynch (cricketer) (born 1976), New Zealander
  • Stephen Lynch (musician) (born 1971), American singer/comedian
  • Stephen Lynch (politician) (born 1955), American congressman
  • Steve Lynch, Autograph's guitarist
  • Susan Lynch (pediatrician), First lady of New Hampshire
  • Sybil Lynch, American singer


  • Thaddeus Lynch (1901-–1966), Irish politician
  • Thomas Lynch (statesman) (1727-–1776), South Carolina delegate to the Continental Congress
  • Thomas Lynch, Jr. (1749-–1779), signed U.S. Declaration of Independence
  • Thomas Lynch (congressman) (1844–-1898), U.S. Congressman from Wisconsin
  • Thomas C. Lynch (1904-–1986), California state attorney-general (1964-–1971)
  • Tommy Lynch, rugby league footballer


  • Valeria Lynch (born 1952), Argentine singer


  • William Lynch (Lynch law), Virginia citizen
  • William F. Lynch (1801–-1865), American naval officer

People with hyphenated Lynch surname

  • George Edward Lynch Cotton (1813-–1866), English educator and churchman
  • David Lynch Scott (1845-–1924), Canadian justice
  • John Lynch-Staunton (born 1930), Canadian senator
  • Jesse Lynch Williams (1871–-1929), American author

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