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The Irish Rose

Casey Name History

Casey Irish Coat of arms


Casey is a common variation of the Gaelic Cathasaigh (also O Cathasaigh), and means vigilant or watchful. At least six different septs used this name, primarily in the Irish counties of Cork and Dublin, but also found in Fermanagh, Mayo, Limerick, and Roscommon. These days, Caseys can be found across Ireland, especially in the counties of Munster and Connacht.

Variant spellings of the Irish surname Casey include McCasey, O'Casey, and others.

How to find out more about the Casey family crest

We are proud to offer two items that may shed more light on the Casey family coat of arms and history in Ireland. Our Framed Irish Family Name History (#1760) and Framed Irish Coat of Arms & Family History (#1700) provide more details about the Casey family in Ireland. These beautiful framed documents will be treasured in the Casey family for years to come.

Find other Casey coat of arms products on the Irish Coat of Arms page.

Visit the Casey Pubs in Ireland

There are a few fine establishments in Ireland bearing the Casey name, all found in County Cork.

If you can't visit in person, our personalized pub gifts are the next best thing!

Notable people named Casey

  • Adam Casey (born 1986), Australian soccer player
  • Albert Vincent Casey (1920–-2004), former United States Postmaster General
  • Ann Casey (born 1938), American professional wrestler
  • Anne Casey, New Zealand-trained nurse based in England, developer of Casey's model of nursing
  • Bernie Casey (born 1939), American football player and actor
  • Bill Casey (born 1945), Canadian politician
  • Bob Casey (baseball announcer) (1925–-2005)
  • Bob Casey (rugby player) (born 1978), Irish rugby union footballer
  • Bob Casey, Jr. (born 1960), U.S. Senator (D-PA), son of late Pennsylvania Gov. Robert P. Casey
  • Cathal Casey (born 1967), Irish hurler
  • Conor Casey (born 1981), American soccer player
  • Dan Casey (1862-–1943), American baseball player
  • Daniel Casey (born 1972), English actor
  • Don Casey, American basketball coach
  • Dwane Casey (born 1957), head coach of the NBA's Toronto Raptors
  • Eamon Casey (born 1927), Roman Catholic Bishop Emeritus of Galway and Kilmacduagh, Ireland
  • Ed Casey (1933-–2006), former leader of the Australian Labor Party in Queensland
  • Eddie Casey (1894-–1966), American football player and coach
  • Eduardo Casey (1847–-1906), Argentine founder of Venado Tuerto
  • Frank Casey (died 1994), Australian president of the Public Transport Users Association
  • George William Casey, Sr. (1922-–1970), two-star general, United States Army
  • George William Casey, Jr. (born 1948), four-star general, United States Army
  • Gerard Casey (philosopher) (born 1951)
  • Gerard Casey (artist), Irish artist
  • Harry Wayne Casey (born 1951), American musician
  • Hugh John Casey (1898–-1981), Major General in the United States Army
  • James Casey (American football) (born 1984), American football player
  • James E. Casey (1888–-1983), American businessman
  • Jim Casey (footballer) (born 1957), Scottish football player
  • Joe Casey, American comic book writer
  • John Casey (academic), British academic
  • John Casey (mathematician) (1820–-1891), Irish geometer
  • John Casey (novelist) (born 1939), American novelist
  • John Keegan Casey (1846-–1870), Irish poet
  • Joseph E. Casey (1898-–1980), United States Representative from Massachusetts
  • Karan Casey (born 1969), Irish folk singer
  • Karen Casey (born 1947), Canadian politician
  • Kathleen L. Casey (born 1966), commissioner of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Ken Casey, bass guitarist and vocalist of the Boston punk rock group Dropkick Murphys
  • Kenneth Casey (1899–-1965), American composer, publisher, author and child actor
  • Len Casey (born 1953), English rugby league footballer
  • Lyman R. Casey (1837–-1914), United States Senator from North Dakota
  • Marty Casey (born 1973), American rock musician
  • Martyn P. Casey (born 1960), Australian rock bass guitarist
  • Mike Casey (labor leader) (born 1958)
  • Natalie Casey, English actress
  • Owen Casey (born 1969), Irish tennis player
  • Paddy Casey, Irish singer-songwriter
  • Patricia Casey, Professor of Psychiatry at University College Dublin
  • Paul Casey (born 1977), English golfer
  • Peter Casey, American television producer and screenwriter
  • Ray Casey (1900–-1986), American tennis player and coach
  • Robert P. Casey (1932-–2000), American politician
  • Samantha Casey (born 1988), American Beauty Queen, Miss Virginia Teen USA 2006, 3rd runner-up at Miss Teen USA 2006 and Miss Virginia USA 2010, 2nd runner-up at Miss USA 2010
  • Samuel Casey (Upper Canada politician) (1788-–1857)
  • Shaun Casey, American model
  • Silas Casey (1807-–1882), United States Army officer during the American Civil War
  • Solanus Casey (1870-–1957), Capuchin priest
  • Steve Casey (1909–-1987), Irish wrestler
  • Thomas Lincoln Casey (entomologist)
  • Thomas Lincoln Casey, Sr. (1831-–1896), American soldier and engineer
  • Willet Casey (1762–-1848), Canadian farmer and political figure
  • William Casey, Director of CIA from 1981 to 1987
  • Zadok Casey (1796-–1862), American politician

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