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The Irish Rose

Walsh Name History

Walsh Name History & Irish Coat of arms


Walsh is an Irish surname meaning "Breton," or "foreigner," and literally "Welshman." It was taken to Ireland by the Welsh during the Norman Invasion of Ireland. It is most common in County Mayo and County Kilkenny. It is the fourth most common surname in Ireland, and the 325th most common in the United States.

There are variants including Walshe, Welsh, Brannagh, Brannick, and Breathnach. Walsh is uncommon as a given name. The name is often pronounced "Welsh" in the south and west of the country.

About the Walsh coat of arms

The spears featured in the Walsh coat of arms denote the Walsh family's readiness for military service. The motto used in most examples of the Walsh crest is 'Transfixus sed non mortuus,' Latin for, 'Transfixed, but not dead.'

More about the Walsh family

The Walsh history in Ireland is long and storied. We have two heirloom-quality products that provide detailed information on the Walsh coat of arms and name.

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Find a Walsh Pub in Ireland

We found at least one pub in Ireland that is the Walsh family namesake. When in Galway, be sure to visit Walsh's Bar in Dunmore, a fine establishment over 150 years old. 

If you can't visit in Walsh's in person, our personalized pub gifts are the next best thing!

Notable people named Walsh

  • Adam Walsh, American murder victim
  • Addie Walsh, soap opera writer
  • Augie Walsh, baseball player
  • Benjamin Dann Walsh, American entomologist
  • Bill Walsh, American firefighter and part time actor
  • Bill Walsh, American football coach
  • Bill Walsh, film producer
  • Bradley Walsh, footballer, TV presenter and soap actor
  • Brandon Walsh, fictional character from Beverly Hills, 90210
  • Brenda Walsh, fictional character from Beverly Hills, 90210 and 90210
  • Brian Walsh (horseracing) (b.1951), racehorse owner
  • Carl E. Walsh, economist and professor
  • Chris Walsh (American football), American football player
  • Chris Walsh (rugby league), Australian rugby league footballer
  • Christy Walsh case, notable case arising from British political courts in Northern Ireland
  • Christy Walsh (hurler) Kerry Hurley player
  • Cindy Walsh, fictional character from Beverly Hills, 90210
  • Colin Walsh, publisher, based in Dublin, Ireland
  • Courtney Walsh, former international cricketer
  • Craig Walsh (b.1971), American composer
  • David I. Walsh, Senator and Governor of Massachusetts
  • Ed Walsh, baseball player
  • Edmund A. Walsh 1885-–1956), Jesuit priest and educator
  • Evalyn Walsh last private owner of the Hope Diamond
  • Frances Walsh, screenwriter, film producer, and musician
  • Fintan Patrick Walsh, known as the Black Prince. New Zealand politician and leader of many New Zealand Unions including the Sea Men's Union during the 1950s.
  • Gail Walsh (politician) (b.1958), Canadian politician
  • Ian Walsh (footballer) (b.1958), Welsh international footballer
  • James Morrow Walsh, NWMP inspector
  • James T. Walsh, representative of New York State
  • Jimmy Walsh, baseball player
  • Joe Walsh, American guitarist and rock musician
  • Joe Walsh, Irish politician
  • Joe Walsh, Illinois politician
  • John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted
  • John Walsh (printer) (1665 or 1666-–1736) music publisher
  • John Walsh, 1st Baron Ormathwaite (1798–1881)
  • John Walsh (archbishop) (1830-–1898), Roman Catholic Archbishop of Toronto
  • John Walsh (department store), a department store in Sheffield, England
  • John Walsh (politician), Member of the Legislature of Dakota Territory
  • John Walsh (scientist) (1726–-1795), British scientist and Secretary to the Governor of Bengal
  • John P. Walsh (1856-–1925), Irish businessman and nationalist politician
  • John R. Walsh (1913–-1975), US Representative from Indiana
  • John Walsh (American football), Brigham Young University starting quarterback
  • John Walsh (baseball) (1879–-1947), Major League player
  • Johnny Walsh (gang member), NYC gangster
  • Johnny Walsh (footballer), Irish former soccer player
  • Johnny Walsh (hurler)
  • Jack Walsh (cricketer), Australian cricketer
  • Jack Walsh, the character portrayed by Robert De Niro in the film Midnight Run
  • Joseph Leonard Walsh (1895-–1973), an American mathematician
  • J. T. Walsh, American actor
  • Kate Walsh (actress) (b.1967), American actress
  • Kate Walsh (presenter) (b.1981), British TV presenter
  • Kay Walsh, an English actress and dancer
  • Kerri Walsh, American beach volleyball player
  • Kimberley Walsh, member of British girlband Girls Aloud
  • Lawrence E. Walsh (regarding Iran Contra Affair)
  • Louis Walsh, pop music manager and X Factor judge
  • Maggie Walsh, fictional character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Maiara Walsh, American actress
  • María Elena Walsh, Argentine singer and writer
  • Mark Walsh (businessman) (b.1954), venture capitalist
  • Mark Walsh (darts player) (b.1965), English darts player
  • Martin Walsh, Academy-Award winning film editor
  • Mary Lee (suffragette) (1821-–1909), born Mary Walsh
  • Mary Walsh (politician) (1929–-1976), Irish Fine Gael Senator
  • Mary Walsh (actress) (b.1952), Canadian actress
  • Mary Walsh (journalist), US producer at CBS news
  • Michael Walsh (Medal of Honor), American Medal of Honor recipients
  • Mickey Walsh, Irish footballer
  • Norman Walsh, Rhodesian and Zimbabwean air marshal
  • Pat Walsh (rugby) (1879-–1953) Australian Dual code International
  • Bishop Patrick Walsh (born 1931), Northern Irish Catholic bishop
  • Fr. Paul Walsh 1885-–1941), Irish priest and historian
  • Paul Walsh (businessman) (born 1955), CEO of Diageo plc
  • Paul Walsh (born 1962), English footballer
  • Phil Walsh, English footballer
  • Raoul Walsh, movie director
  • Richard Walsh, project manager, Blackpool
  • Rodolfo Walsh, Argentine journalist, writer and politician
  • Ruby Walsh, Irish jockey
  • Stanisława Walasiewicz aka Stella Walsh
  • Stephen Walsh (1859-–1929), Labour Party MP
  • Stephen Walsh (money manager) (born 1947), accused of securities fraud
  • Steve Walsh, DJ
  • Steve Walsh, American musician
  • Steve Walsh, former American Football quarterback
  • Steve Walsh, former professional footballer
  • Steve Walsh, New Zealand rugby referee
  • Thomas J. Walsh, American politician
  • Tommy Walsh, hurler with Kilkenny GAA
  • Tommy Walsh, Gaelic footballer with Kerry GAA
  • Tommy Walsh, Gaelic footballer with Wicklow GAA
  • Walt Walsh, baseball player

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