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The Irish surname Shea is derived from O'Shea (Shea, Shee)and is an anglicized form of the Irish patronymic name Ó Séaghdha, originating in the Kingdom of Corcu Duibne in County Kerry.

Shea/O'Shea/Shay= Originating in Counties Kerry and Cork, O'Shea came from O Se, coming the Irish Gaelic word seagdha, meaning hawk, but also has a secondary meaning of stately. They later moved north, west, and east into Tyrone, Louth, Mayo, Limerick, Galway, and Clare.

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The Framed Irish Family Name History, (#1760) has more information on the Shea surname. There is a wide selection of Shea coat of arms products at The Irish Rose. Please visit the Irish Coat of Arms page.

Locate Shea's Pub in Ireland

There are several bars in Ireland that bear the Shea or O'Shea name:

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Notable people named Shea

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