O’Donoghue Name History

O’Donoghue Name History


O'Donoghue or Donoghue is an anglicized form of the Irish language surname Ó Donnchadha or Ó Donnchú.

The name means means "descendant of Donnchadh", a personal name composed of the elements donn "brown-haired [man]" and cath "battle." Spelling variations (which may include an initial "Ó" or omit it) include Donoghue, Donaghoe, Donoughe, Donaho, Donahoe, Donough, Donahue, Donahow, Doneghoe, Donehue, Donighue, Donoho, Donohoe, Donahugh, Donohough, Donohow, Donahue, Donohue, Donaughue, Donaghie, Donaghy, Doughue, Dougue, and many more. Some of these variations exist also in Northern Ireland and Scotland with the same meaning in Scottish Gaelic as in Irish.

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