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Joyce Name History

Joyce Irish Coat of Arms


The Irish surname of Joyce comes from the Breton personal name Iodoc, a diminutive of iudh ‘lord’, introduced by the Normans in the form Josse. Iodoc was the name of a Breton prince and saint, the brother of Iudicael, whose fame helped to spread the name through France and western Europe and, after the Norman Conquest, England as well. The name was occasionally borne also by women in the Middle Ages, but was predominantly a male name, by contrast with the present usage.

Learn more about the Joyce name

The Framed Irish Family Name History, (#1760) has more information on the Joyce surname. There is a wide selection of Joyce coat of arms products at The Irish Rose. Please visit the Irish Coat of Arms page.

Find a Joyce Pub in Ireland

A favorite photo opportunity, finding a real Irish pub with your family name is always special. For the Joyce family, visit Joyce's Bar in Recess or Joyce's Bar in Ardrahan, both in County Galway to raise a pint to the name and the folks who carry it.

If you can't visit in person, our personalized Joyce pub gifts are the next best thing!

Notable people named Joyce

  • James Augustine Aloysius Joyce(2 February 1882–13 January 1941) was an Irish novelist and poet.
  • Robert Dwyer Joyce(1830-1883) was an Irish poet, writer, and collector of traditional Irish music. He was born in County Limerick, Ireland.
  • Alice Joyce, (1890 - 1955), American actress 
  • Bob Joyce, (1966), Canadian ice hockey player 
  • Barnaby Joyce, (1967), Australian politician 
  • Brenda Joyce, American author 
  • Brenda Joyce, (1912), American actress 
  • Brian A. Joyce, Democratic state Senator from Massachusetts 
  • Ed Joyce, (1978), Irish cricketer 
  • Eileen Joyce, (1912 - 1991), Australian pianist 
  • Elaine Joyce, (1945), American actress 
  • Ella Joyce, (1954), American actress 
  • Emily Joyce, (1970), British actress 
  • Eric Joyce, (1960), British politician and member of Parliament 
  • George Joyce, (1618 - ?1670?), agitator during the English Civil War 
  • Gerald Joyce, scientist 
  • Gilbert Cunningham Joyce, (1866 - 1942), educator and Bishop of Monmouth 
  • Graham Joyce, English science fiction writer 
  • Isaac Wilson Joyce, (1836 - 1905), American bishop in the Methodist Episcopal Church 
  • James Joyce, (1882 - 1941), Irish novelist 
  • Jim Joyce, (1955), Major League Baseball umpire 
  • Joan Joyce, (1940), softball icon, among other sports 
  • Kara Lynn Joyce, (1985), American swimmer, competed at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games 
  • Michael Joyce, (1945), American author and professor of English at Vassar College 
  • Michael Joyce, (1973), American tennis player 
  • Mike Joyce, (1963), British drummer (The Smiths) 
  • Patrick H. Joyce, (1879 - 1946) American railroad executive 
  • Peggy Hopkins Joyce, (1893 - 1957), American actress 
  • Robert Dwyer Joyce, (1830 - 1883), Irish poet 
  • Ron Joyce, (1930), Canadian billionaire and co-founder of Tim Horton's donut chain 
  • Trevor Joyce, (1947), Irish poet 
  • Warren Joyce, (1965), English footballer 
  • William Joyce, British Nazi propagandist 
  • William Joyce, (1957), American children's books author & illustrator 
  • Yootha Joyce, (1927 - 1980), English actress

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