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Hughes Name History

Hughes Irish Coat of Arms


The Hughes surname evolved from the ancient Irish name of Ó hAodha, "grandson/descendant of Aodh (meaning "fire")." Aodh was frequently Anglicized as Hugh, with Ó hAodha in turn being anglicized as Hughes or Hayes. Hughes is the 15th most common name in the northern Irish province of Ulster, being especially common in the Ulster counties Armagh, Tyrone, Monaghan, and Fermanagh. It was the 34th most common name in Matheson's 1890 census of Ireland and the 44th most common surname in Ireland in the 1992-1997 period. In addition to the counties of Ulster, the surname Hughes is also commonly found in the counties Wexford, Donegal, Galway and Cork

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The Framed Irish Family Name History, (#1760) has more information on the Hughes surname. There is a wide selection of Hughes coat of arms products at The Irish Rose. Please visit the Irish Coat of Arms page.

Find a Hughes Pub in Ireland

There's at least one pub named for the Hughes clan, Hughes Bar on Ballinamore Bridge in Ballinasloe, County Galway. Drop by for a pint or if you can't visit in person, our personalized Hughes pub gifts are the next best thing!

Notable people named Hughes


  • Aaron Hughes, Northern Irish footballer
  • Adam Hughes, American comic book illustrator
  • Adam Hughes (footballer) (born 1982), Australian association footballer
  • Adam Hughes (rugby) (born 1977), English born Welsh rugby league and rugby league player
  • Adam Hughes (rugby union) (born 1990), Welsh rugby union player
  • Adam Munson, also known as Adam Hughes, fictional character
  • Alex Hughes, cartoonist
  • Alex Hughes (cricketer) (born 1991), English cricketer
  • Alexander Minto Hughes, English ska and reggae musician (1945–1998)
  • Andy Hughes, electronic music producer
  • Anthony Hughes (born 1948), English judge
  • Archie Hughes (1919–1992), Welsh international footballer
  • Arthur Hughes (artist) (1831–1915), English painter
  • Arthur Hughes (actor) (1894–1982), American actor and radio personality
  • Arwel Hughes (1909–1988), Welsh composer and conductor, father of Owain Arwel Hughes
  • Augusto Hughes (1931–1993), Argentine Air Force commander and Junta member


  • Barnard Hughes (1915–2006), Irish-American actor
  • Bettany Hughes (born 1968), English historian
  • Bill Hughes (first baseman) (1860–1928), baseball player
  • Bill Hughes (pitcher) (1896–1963), American baseball player in 1921
  • Bill Hughes (musician) (born 1930), American jazz musician
  • Bill Hughes (police officer) (born 1950), Director General of Britain's Serious Organised Crime Agency
  • Billy Hughes (1862–1952), seventh Prime Minister of Australia
  • Billy Hughes (actor) (1948–2005), American actor
  • Billy Hughes (educationist) (1914–1995), British Labour Party politician and educationist
  • Billy Hughes (footballer, born 1918) (died 1981), Birmingham F.C., Chelsea F.C. and Wales international footballer
  • Billy Hughes (footballer, born 1929) (died 2003), Scottish footballer with York City F.C.
  • Billy Hughes (footballer, born 1948), Scottish footballer with Sunderland A.F.C.
  • Billy Hughes (footballer, born 1960), English footballer with Gillingham F.C.
  • Billy Hughes (footballer, born 1865), Welsh international
  • Billy Hughes (musician) (1908–1995) Western Swing musician and songwriter
  • Brendan Hughes (1948–2008), Irish republican
  • Brian Hughes (musician) (born 1955), jazz guitarist
  • Bryan Hughes (born 1969), member of the Texas House of Representatives
  • Charles Evans Hughes (1862–1948), American government official, former United States Secretary of State and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Charles Evans Hughes, Jr. (1889–1950), American government official, United States Solicitor General 1929–1930.
  • Charles Evans Hughes III (1915–1985), American architect.
  • Chesney Hughes (born 1991), Anguillian cricketer
  • Chris Hughes (born 1983), co-founder of Facebook
  • Chrissy Hughes, American figure skater
  • Christa Hughes, Australian singer
  • Chuck Hughes (1943–1971), NFL player
  • Chuck Hughes (born 1996), Calvin Klein model currently at Notre Dame, and Improv expert.
  • Clara Hughes (born 1972), Canadian cyclist and speed skater, multiple Olympic medal winner
  • Cledwyn Hughes (1916–2001), Welsh Labour politician
  • Curtis Hughes (born 1964), American professional wrestler


  • Dante Hughes, NFL cornerback
  • Dennis Hughes, (1931–1990), English footballer
  • Detrick Hughes (born 1966), American poet
  • Don B. Hughes (born 1940), Maryland State Delegate
  • Dorothy B. Hughes (1904–1993), U.S. crime writer


  • Eddie Hughes (born 1960), American basketball player
  • Edward Hughes, Catholic priest and exorcist
  • Edward Hughes Ball Hughes (1798–1863), English dandy
  • Edwin Holt Hughes (1866–1950), Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Emily Hughes (born 1989), American figure skater
  • Emlyn Hughes (1947–2004), Liverpool F.C. and England national football team captain
  • Emmett Hughes (born 1987), Irish film actor, writer, producer
  • Emrys Hughes (1894–1969), a Welsh and the Scottish Labour politician
  • Ernie Hughes (born 1955), American football player


  • Fountain Hughes, former American slave
  • Francis Hughes, Irish republican and hunger striker
  • Fred G. Hughes(1837–1911), five time member of Arizona Territorial Legislature


  • Gareth Hughes Welsh silent screen actor
  • Gareth Thomas Llewelyn Hughes New-Zealand politician and member of the Green Party
  • George O. Hughes painter, performance artist, art educator
  • Glenn Hughes (born 1951), bassist and vocalist
  • Gary Hughes (born 1967), vocalist, guitarist and songwriter
  • Graham Hughes (born 1979), adventurer and filmmaker


  • H. Stuart Hughes (1916–1999), American historian, professor and activist
  • Henry Hughes, nineteenth century British locomotive builder, see Brush Traction
  • Henry P. Hughes (1904–1968), American jurist
  • Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. (1905–1976), American pilot, movie producer and playboy
  • Howard Robard Hughes, Sr. (1869–1924), American businessman; father of Howard Robard Hughes, Jr..
  • Howard Hughes (murderer) (born 1965), British paedophile and murderer


  • Ian Hughes (diplomat) (born 1951), British ambassador
  • Ian Hughes (born 1967), English technology evangelist
  • Ian Hughes (rugby league) (born 1972), British professional rugby player
  • Ian Hughes (disambiguation) (born 1974), Welsh footballer


  • James B. Hughes (1805–1873) was an American newsman, politician, and abolitionist
  • Jefferson D. Hughes, III, associate justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court since 2013
  • John Joseph Hughes, Irish-born American prelate, first Archbishop of New York City, founder of St. Patrick's Cathedral
  • John Arthur Hughes, U.S. Marine Corps officer and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Joshua Hughes, Welsh Bishop


  • Kelly Hughes (born 1970), Canadian arts promoter


  • Langston Hughes (1902–1967), American poet
  • Larry Hughes (born 1979), American basketball player for the New York Knicks
  • Lee Hughes (born 22 May 1976) is an English Footballer who plays for Notts County as a striker.
  • Lena Hughes, American musician
  • Lena B. Smithers Hughes, American botanist
  • Liam Hughes (born 11 September 1988), English football striker
  • Lloyd Hughes, American silent film actor
  • Lloyd Herbert Hughes, U.S. Army Air Forces Lieutenant, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for action in World War II


  • Madison Hughes (born 1992), American rugby sevens player
  • Mark Hughes (born 1963), Welsh international footballer and football manager
  • Mark Hughes (basketball) (born 1966), American basketball player and coach
  • Mark Hughes (Emmerdale), fictional character on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale
  • Mark Hughes (English footballer) (born 1986), English footballer
  • Mark Hughes (fighter) (born 1973), American mixed martial arts fighter
  • Mark Hughes (journalist), English Formula One journalist
  • Mark Hughes (Northern Ireland footballer) (born 1983), Northern Irish footballer
  • Mark Hughes (politician) (1932–1993), MP for the city of Durham, 1970–1983
  • Mark Hughes (rugby league) (born 1976), Australian former professional rugby league player
  • Mark R. Hughes (1956–2000), American entrepreneur, a founder of Herbalife
  • Mary Vivian Hughes (1866–1956), British educator and author
  • Mathew Hughes (1822–1882), Victoria Cross recipient
  • Meredydd Hughes, Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police
  • Merv Hughes (born 1961), Australian cricketer
  • Michael Anthony Hughes (1988–1994) abducted elementary school student


  • Nerys Hughes (born 1941), Welsh actress
  • Neil Hughes, UK District Councillor featured in Michael Apted's Up Series


  • Oliver Hughes, American Civil War recipient of the U.S. Medal of Honor
  • Owain Arwel Hughes (born 1942), Welsh orchestral conductor, son of Arwel Hughes


  • Pete Hughes, American college baseball coach
  • Phil Hughes (born 1986), American baseball player
  • Phil Hughes (footballer, born 1964), Northern Irish football player
  • Philip Hughes (footballer, born 1981), Irish football player
  • Phil Hughes (cricketer, born 1991), English cricketer
  • Phillip Hughes (1988–2014), Australian cricketer
  • Philip Edgcumbe Hughes (1915–1990), Anglican clergyman and New Testament scholar
  • Philip Hughes (Catholic historian) (1895–1967), Catholic priest and historian


  • Rex Hughes, American basketball coach in the NBA
  • Rick Hughes (born 1973), American basketball player
  • Ronnie Hughes, guitarist
  • Roy Hughes (bridge) (born 1954), Canadian bridge player
  • Russell S. Hughes (1910–1958), American TV and film screenwriter
  • R. Kent Hughes, Senior Pastor Emeritus of College Church


  • Sarah Hughes (born 1985), American figure skater and Olympic gold medalist
  • Sarah T. Hughes (1896–1985), US district judge who administered oath of office to President Lyndon Johnson
  • Séamus Hughes (born 1952), Irish Fianna Fáil politician
  • Simon Hughes (born 1951), English politician
  • Simon Hughes (cricketer) (born 1959), English cricketer and journalist
  • Simon Pollard Hughes, Jr. (1830–1906), Governor of Arkansas
  • Spike Hughes (1908–1987), British jazz musician
  • Stephen Hughes (footballer, born 1982), Scottish footballer
  • Stephen Hughes (footballer, born 1976), English footballer


  • Tanya Hughes (born 1972), American high jumper
  • Ted Hughes (Edward James Hughes) (1930–1998), English poet
  • Ted Hughes (judge), Canadian judge
  • Tim Hughes, Christian worship leader and songwriter
  • Thomas Hughes (disambiguation), several people
  • Todd Hughes, American writer and film producer
  • Todd M. Hughes, American attorney and federal judicial nominee
  • Tyler Hughes (born 1993), soccer player


  • Vincent Hughes, an American politician
  • Vincent Hughes (ice hockey), an Australian ice hockey player


  • Warren Hughes, English racing driver
  • Bill Hughes (American football) (1915–1978), American football player
  • Bill Hughes (first baseman) (1860–1928), baseball player
  • Bill Hughes (musician) (born 1930), American jazz musician
  • Bill Hughes (pitcher) (1896–1963), American baseball player in 1921
  • Bill Hughes (police officer) (born 1950), Director General of Britain's Serious Organised Crime Agency
  • William Hughes (As the World Turns), a fictional character on the American soap opera As the World Turns
  • William Hughes (bishop) (died 1600), Welsh bishop of St Asaph
  • William Hughes (footballer) (born 1865), English footballer for Liverpool
  • William Hughes (1910s footballer), English footballer for Halifax Town and Bradford City
  • William Hughes (geographer) (1818–1876), British mapmaker, professor of geography and author
  • William Hughes (professor), British professor of Gothic studies, and author/editor of several books on Bram Stoker and the Gothic
  • William Hughes (senator) (1872–1918), U.S. representative and senator from New Jersey
  • William Hughes (writer) (1803–1861), British writer on law and angling
  • William Hughes, Baron Hughes of Hawkhill (1911–1999), Scottish Labour party politician
  • William Hughes, 1st Baron Dinorben (1767–1852), British industrialist, politician and benefactor
  • William Alfred Carroll Hughes (1877–1940), American bishop
  • William Anthony Hughes (1921–2013), American Roman Catholic bishop
  • William Bulkeley Hughes (1797–1882), Welsh politician
  • William Clark Hughes (1868–1930), Speaker of the Louisiana House of Representatives
  • William C. Hughes, lawyer in Oklahoma
  • William H. Hughes (1864–1903), New York politician
  • William J. Hughes (born 1932), U.S. representative from New Jersey and Ambassador
  • William M. Hughes, member of the Los Angeles, California, City Council
  • Willie Hughes (16th century), possible dedicatee of Shakespeare's Sonnets

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