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Hickey Name History

Hickey Irish Coat of Arms


Hickey is a common surname of Irish origin. The original form is Ó hÍceadha, which is still used in Ireland and comes form iceadh, an old Irish word meaning physician.

According to ancient tradition, the family is descended from the Mac Conmara line a Mac Conmara leader. Spelling variations include Hickie.

Learn more about the Hickey Name

The Framed Irish Family Name History, (#1760) has more information on the Hickey surname. There is a wide selection of Hickey coat of arms products at The Irish Rose. Please visit the Irish Coat of Arms page.

Is there a Hickey Pub in Ireland?

There is indeed a pub that shares a variation on the Hickey name. Hickies Bar Kilkee is in County Clare on O'Connell Street. Drop in a raise a pint to the Hickeys!

If you can't visit in person, our personalized Hickey pub gifts are the next best thing!

Notable people named Hickey

  • Rich Hickey, Creator of the Clojure programming language.
  • Cheryl Hickey, born 1976, entertainment reporter for the Global Television Network
  • Dale Hickey born 1937, Australian artist
  • Dave Hickey, American art critic, author of Air Guitar: Essays on Art & Democracy (1998)
  • Earl Hickey, fictional character in the NBC show My Name Is Earl
  • Randy Hickey, fictional character in the NBC show My Name Is Earl
  • Eddie Hickey, US sportsman
  • Emily Henrietta Hickey, Irish author and translator
  • Ersel Hickey, rockabilly singer
  • James Harden-Hickey, 19th century American writer
  • Kenny Hickey, US musician
  • Magee Hickey, US television reporter
  • Michael Hickey, US screenwriter
  • Tom Hickey, Irish actor, famous for his role in The Riordans
  • Thomas Hickey, 1741–1842, Irish painter
  • William Hickey (actor)
  • William Hickey (memoirist)
  • May Wynn, actress, born Donna Lee Hickey before taking the stage name "May Wynn," after playing a character by that name in The Caine Mutiny
  • Hickey was also the name of a melodic punk rock band from San Francisco in the mid-1990s


  • Ambrose Hickey (1945–2016), Irish Gaelic footballer
  • Anthony Hickey, born 1992, American basketball player
  • Charlie Hickey, American college baseball coach
  • Colin Hickey, Australian speed skater
  • Denis Hickie, Irish international Rugby Union
  • Jack Hickey (rugby), Australian Dual internationalist Rugby Union, Rugby league
  • Jarrad Hickey, born 1985, Australian Rugby League player
  • Jim Hickey (American football)
  • Jim Hickey (baseball coach)
  • Miriam Hickey, US Soccer player
  • Noah Hickey, New Zealand football player
  • Noel Hickey, Irish sportsman
  • Pat Hickey (sports administrator), born 1945, Irish sports administrator
  • Pat Hickey, born 1953, Canadian Ice Hockey player
  • Red Hickey, 1917–2006, athlete, played American Football
  • Reg Hickey, player and coach for Geelong in Australian rules football
  • Thomas Hickey, professional ice hockey player, L.A. Kings

Politics and law

  • Bonnie Hickey, Canadian politician
  • Eileen Hickey (New York) (1945–1999), New York politician
  • Eileen M. Hickey (1886–1960), Northern Irish politician
  • James Hickey (Irish politician)
  • Jimmy Hickey, Jr., American politician
  • John J. Hickey, American politician
  • Maggie Hickey, Australian politician
  • Theodore M. Hickey, American politician
  • William J. Hickey, New York politician and judge

History and current affairs

  • Colonel James Hickey (soldier), in charge of the US Special forces team which captured Saddam Hussein
  • Elizabeth Hickey historian and writer
  • Jim Hickey (weather presenter)
  • Thomas Hickey (soldier), executed for mutiny during the American Revolutionary War


  • Antony Hickey, born 1586, Irish Franciscan theologian
  • David Francis Hickey (1882–1973), American-born Catholic bishop in Belize
  • Rev. William Hickey (1787-1875), Irish priest, writer and philanthropist
  • J.S. Hickey, Cistercian Abbot, author of a "Summula Philosophiae" first published 1915

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