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The Irish Rose

Green Name History

Green Irish Name History

green-coat-of-arms-large.jpgGreen one of the most common and widespread of English surnames, either a nickname for someone who was fond of dressing in this color (Old English grēne) or who had played the part of the "Green Man" in the May Day celebrations, or a topographic name for someone who lived near a village green, Middle English grene (a transferred use of the color term). In North America this name has no doubt assimilated cognates from other European languages.

Learn more about the Green

The Framed Irish Family Name History, (#1760) has more information on the Green surname. There is a wide selection of Green coat of arms products at The Irish Rose. Please visit the Irish Coat of Arms page.

Visit Green's Bar in Ireland

There's at least one pub in Ireland that is the namesake for the Green family. Visit Green's Bar in Kinvara, County Galway to raise a pint to your ancestors.

If you can't visit in person, our personalized Green's Pub gifts are the next best thing!

Notable people named Green


  • A. C. Green (born 1963), American basketball player
  • A. J. Green (born 1988), American football player
  • Aaron Green (1917–2001), American architect
  • Adolph Green (1914–2002), American lyricist and playwright
  • Adrian Green, English curator and archaeologist
  • Ahman Green (born 1977), American football player
  • Alex Green (born 1988), American footballer
  • Alexander Henry Green (1832–1896), English geologist
  • Alfred E. Green (1889–1960), American movie director
  • Alice Stopford Green (1847–1929), Irish historian and nationalist
  • Alice Green, American political activist
  • Allan Green (barrister) (born 1935), British barrister; Director of Public Prosecutions
  • Allan Green (born 1979), American boxer
  • Allison Green, American politician
  • Amanda Green (born 1965), American singer
  • Amos Green (1735–1807), English painter
  • Andrea Green, British soap actress
  • Anna Katharine Green (1846–1935), American poet and novelist
  • Anna Green (footballer) (born 1990), New Zealand women's international football player
  • Annette Green, English literary agent
  • Archie Green (1917–2009), American folklorist
  • Ashbel Green (1762–1848, American Presbyterian clergyman and academic
  • Ashley Green (footballer) (born 1973), Australian rules footballer from Victoria


  • Barrett Green, American football player
  • Barry Green, American musician
  • Belinda Green, Australian Miss World
  • Bennie Green (1923–1977), jazz trombonist
  • Beriah Green, American abolitionist
  • Bernard Green (1953–2013), English Roman Catholic priest, Benedictine monk, historian and sex offender
  • Blake Green, Australian Rugby player
  • Brandon Green, American football player
  • Brent Green (1976–2009), Australian rules footballer
  • Bryan Green, Australian politician
  • Bud Green, American songwriter
  • Bunky Green, American musician
  • Byram Green, American Congressman


  • Candida Lycett Green, British writer
  • Cecil Green, American racecar driver
  • Cecil Howard Green, English-American geophysicist and businessman
  • Celia Green, British philosopher
  • Chad Green (outfielder), American baseball player
  • Chad Green (pitcher), American baseball player
  • Charlotte Green, British radio
  • Charlotte Green (fencing), American fencer
  • Chuck Green, American tap dancer
  • Clifford Scott Green, American judge
  • Colin Green (born 1942), Welsh footballer
  • Conrad Green, television producer


  • Damian Green, British politician
  • Darrell Green, American football player
  • Debora Green, American convicted of murder
  • Dennis Green (1947–2016), American football coach
  • Derrick Green, American musician
  • Desmond Green, American mixed martial artist
  • Devin Green, basketball
  • Dick Green, American baseball player
  • Draymond Green (born 1990), American basketball player
  • Duff Green, American politician and journalist
  • Dwight H. Green, American politician


  • E. G. Green, American football player
  • E. H. H. Green, British historian
  • Eaton Green, convicted criminal
  • Edith Green, American politician
  • Edmund Tyrrell Green, British theologian
  • Ernie Green (born 1938), American football player
  • Ernest Green, American black who attended a previously all-white school
  • Eva Green, French actress
  • Evan Green (journalist) (1930–1996), Australian journalist and writer
  • Everard Green, British heraldry


  • F. L. Green, British author
  • Florence Green (1901–2012), British supercentenarian and last surviving veteran of World War I
  • Francis Green (footballer), British footballer
  • Freddie Green, American musician


  • G. F. Green, British antisemitic author
  • Gabriel Green, American politician who allegedly rode with space aliens
  • Gene Green, American politician
  • Gene Green (baseball), American baseball player
  • Geoffrey Green, British sports writer
  • GloZell Green, American comedian


  • Hamilton Green, Prime Minister of Guyana
  • Hetty Green, American businesswoman also known as Henrietta Howland "Hetty" Green
  • Herb Green, New Zealand abortion controversy
  • Hilton A. Green (1929–2013), American film producer
  • Howard Charles Green, Canadian politician
  • Hubert Green, American golfer
  • Hughie Green, British TV host
  • Hank Green, Founder of DFTBA records and co-creator of popular YouTube channel vlogbrothers


  • Innis Green, American Congressman
  • Irving Green, American record industry executive


  • Jacob Green, American football player
  • Jacquez Green, American football player
  • Jaine Green, British documentary maker
  • Jamaal Green, American football player
  • Jamie Green, British race car driver
  • Jamison Green, American transgender activist
  • Janet-Laine Green, Canadian actress
  • Jarvis Green, American football player
  • Jenna Leigh Green, American actress
  • Jenni Keenan Green, Scottish actress
  • Jennifer Green, American musician
  • Jeremiah Green, American musician
  • Jesse Green, American musician
  • Jim Green (councilman), Canadian politician
  • Joey Green, American author and comedian
  • Jon Green, Australian Rugby League player
  • Jordan-Claire Green, American actress
  • Joyce Hens Green, American judge
  • Julian Green, American professional soccer player
  • Julien Green, French writer also known as Julian Green
  • Julio César Green, Dominican boxer
  • June Lazenby Green (1914–2001), American judge


  • Kasey Green (born 1979), Australian rules footballer
  • Kat Green, American actress, composer and producer
  • Kate Green (born 1960), British Labour politician
  • Katie Green (born 1987), English model
  • Kay Green (1927–1997), English cricketer
  • Keith Green (1953–1982), American Christian musician
  • Kelly Green (musician) (born 1947), Australian singer
  • Kerri Green (born 1967), American actress


  • Lennart Green, Swedish magician
  • Lenny Green (born 1933), American baseball player
  • Leon A. Green, American college dean
  • Leonard I. Green (1934–2002), American businessman
  • Leslie Green, English architect
  • Leslie Green (philosopher), legal philosopher
  • Lil Green, American musician
  • Liz Green (musician), British singer-songwriter
  • Louis Green, American football player
  • Lowell Green, Canadian radio
  • Lucie Green, British astrophysicist
  • Lucinda Green, British horse rider
  • Luther Green, American basketball player
  • Lyda Green (born 1938), member of the Alaska Senate 1995–2009
  • Lyle Green, Canadian football player


  • Malice Green, American police-brutality victim
  • Marcus Green, American football player
  • Marian Green, English author
  • Marika Green, French-Swedish actress
  • Marlon Green, African-American pilot
  • Max Green (lawyer), Australian murder victim
  • Max Green (musician), bassist for American band Escape the Fate
  • Melville S. Green, physicist
  • Meridian Green, American musician
  • Mick Green, British musician
  • Mikey Green, British musician
  • Milton Green, American high hurdler
  • Mitch "Blood" Green, American boxer
  • Mitzi Green, American actress
  • Monica Green, Swedish politician
  • Mott Green (1966–2013), American businessman and chocolatier


  • Nicholas Green, American organ donor
  • Nigel Green, British actor


  • Oliver Green (born 1951), British historian
  • Ossie Green (1906–1991), Australian rules footballer from Victoria


  • Pamela Green, English model and actress
  • DJ Pamela Green, musician
  • Pat Green, country musician
  • Paula Green, American advertising executive
  • Pauline Green, politician
  • Pincus Green, businessman
  • Professor Green, British musician
  • Pumpsie Green, American baseball player


  • Raymond Green, American radio executive
  • Red Green (ice hockey), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Rickey Green, American basketball player
  • Rob Green (film director), film director
  • Robin Green, American TV producer and writer
  • Robson Green, British actor and singer
  • Roderick Green, American football player
  • Rosario Green, Mexican economist, diplomat and politician
  • Roy Green, American football player
  • Ruth Hurmence Green, American author
  • Ryan Green (born 1980), Welsh footballer
  • Ryan Speedo Green (born 1986), American bass-baritone opera singer


  • S. William Green, American politician
  • Sammy Green (born 1954), American football player
  • Sanford M. Green, American jurist and politician
  • Sarah Green (novelist), Irish-English author
  • Sharon Green, American author
  • Shorty Green, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Skyler Green, American football player
  • Solomon Hart Green, Canadian politician
  • Stanley Owen Green, British "Protein Man"
  • Stuart Green, English footballer


  • Tammie Green, American golfer
  • Taurean Green, American basketball player
  • Ted Green, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Terry Green, British businessman
  • Theodore F. Green, American politician
  • Thurman Green, American musician
  • Tim Green, American football player
  • Travis Green, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Trent Green, American football player


  • Urbie Green, American musician


  • Valentine Green, British engraver
  • Van Green, American football player
  • Vernon Green, American musician
  • Victor Green, American football player


  • Walon Green, American film director
  • Warren Green, American politician
  • Wayne Green (1922–2013), American publisher


  • Yaniv Green, Israeli basketball player
  • Yatil Green, American football player
  • Yossi Green, Jewish American composer
  • Yehuda Green, Israeli singer and composer


  • Zachariah Green, English philanthropist and healer


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