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Dwyer Name History

Dwyer and O'Dwyer Irish Coat of Arms

O'Dwyer is an Irish surname from the Gaelic Ó Dubhuir, meaning "black." O'Dwyer in Irish is "O'Duibhir" (pronounced O Dweer), meaning grandson of Duibhir. Duibhir is an ancestor who, by tradition, lived sometime around the tenth century. The exact meaning of the ancestor's name is unknown, though 'black skirt' is one possibility. The common modern consensus is that duibhir means 'black and dun-coloured' which is thought to refer to Duibhir's hair and skin colouring.

The O'Dwyer clan was based in the Barony of Kilnamanagh Lower in County Tipperary and descendants can still be found in Tipperary. They are also associated with Leinster County. Spelling variations include Dwyre.

Learn more about the Dwyers and O'Dwyers

The Framed Irish Family Name History, (#1760) has more information on the Dwyer surname. There is a wide selection of Dwyer and O'Dwyer coat of arms products at The Irish Rose. Please visit the Irish Coat of Arms page.

Is there a Dwyer Pub in Ireland?

You can find an O'Dwyer's Pub in Limerick City, County Limerick. If you can't visit the pub in person, our personalized Dwyer pub gifts are the next best thing!

Notable people named Dwyer

  • Anthony Dwyer (born 1970), Australian rules footballer
  • Benjamin Dwyer (born 1965), Irish classical guitarist and composer
  • Bernard Dwyer (born 1967), English rugby league footballer
  • Bernard J. Dwyer (1921–1998), American politician
  • Bil Dwyer (born 1962), American comedian and game show host
  • Bill Dwyer (mobster) (1883–1946), American gangster and bootlegger
  • Bob Dwyer (born 1940), Australian rugby union coach
  • Bridget Dwyer (born 1980), American golfer
  • Chappie Dwyer (1894–1975), Australian cricketer
  • Chris Dwyer (born 1988), American baseball player
  • Christine Dwyer (born 1985), American musical theatre actress, currently playing the role of Elphaba in the Broadway production of Wicked
  • Dermod Dwyer, Irish chief executive
  • Donald H. Dwyer, Jr. (born 1958), American politician
  • Doriot Anthony Dwyer (born 1922), American flautist
  • E. B. Dwyer (1876–1912), Australian cricketer
  • Edward Dwyer (1895–1916), English recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Florence P. Dwyer (1902–1976), American politician
  • Francis Patrick Dwyer (1910–1962), Australian chemist
  • Frank Dwyer (1868–1943), American baseball player
  • George Patrick Dwyer (1908–1987), English Roman Catholic archbishop
  • Gordie Dwyer (born 1978), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Hilary Dwyer (born 1945), English actress
  • Jack Dwyer (1927–1997), American football player
  • James Dwyer (politician) (1881–1932), Irish politician
  • James J. Dwyer, American politician
  • Jamie Dwyer (born 1979), Australian field hockey player
  • Jeremy Dwyer (born 1947), Mayor of Hastings, New Zealand
  • Jim Dwyer (baseball) (born 1950), American baseball player
  • Jim Dwyer (journalist) (born 1957), American journalist
  • John Dwyer (Australian judge) (1879–1966), Australian politician
  • John Dwyer (VC) (1890–1962), Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • John Dwyer (musician), American musician
  • John M. Dwyer, American set decorator
  • John Stephen Dwyer (died 1878), Irish justice of the peace
  • Jonathan Dwyer (born 1989), American football player
  • Joseph Patrick Dwyer, American soldier
  • Joseph Dwyer (born 1963), American physicist
  • Karyn Dwyer, Canadian actress
  • Kate Dwyer (1861–1949), Australian educator, suffragist, and labour activist
  • Kevin Dwyer (cricketer) (born 1929), New Zealand cricketer
  • Kevin Dwyer (politician) (1913–1982), Australian politician
  • Kieron Dwyer (born 1967), American comic book artist and penciller
  • Larry Dwyer (1884–1964), Australian rugby union player
  • Laurie Dwyer (born 1938), Australian rules footballer
  • Leslie Dwyer (1906–1986), English actor
  • Marc Dwyer (born 1987), Australian radio presenter and actor
  • Mark Dwyer (born 1964), Australian rules footballer
  • Marlo Dwyer (1908–1999), American actress
  • Martin Dwyer (born 1975), English jockey
  • Matthew Dwyer (born 1959), Irish cricketer
  • Michael Dwyer (1772–1825), Irish soldier
  • Michael Dwyer (journalist) (1951–2010), Irish journalist and film critic
  • Michael Dwyer (politician) (1879–1953), Canadian politician
  • Michael F. Dwyer (1847–1906), American racehorse owner
  • Michael Martin Dwyer (1984–2009), Irish security guard
  • Michael Middleton Dwyer, American architect
  • Mick Dwyer (born 1968), Australian rules footballer
  • Mike Dwyer (born 1957), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Nate Dwyer (born 1978), American football player
  • Noel Dwyer (1934–1993), Irish footballer
  • PK Dwyer (born 1992), American musician
  • Pat Dwyer (hurler), Irish hurler
  • Patrick Dwyer (athlete) (born 1977), Australian sprinter
  • Patrick Dwyer (ice hockey) (born 1983), American ice hockey player
  • Penny Dwyer (1953–2003), British comedy writer and performer
  • Peter Dwyer, Australian anthropologist
  • Phil Dwyer (born 1953), Welsh footballer
  • Phil Dwyer (musician) (born 1965), Canadian musician
  • Philip J. Dwyer (1844–1917), American racehorse owner
  • R. Budd Dwyer (1939–1987), American politician
  • Robert Joseph Dwyer (1908–1976), American Roman Catholic archbishop
  • Ross T. Dwyer (1919–2001), American general
  • Simon Dwyer (born 1989), Australian rugby league footballer
  • Séamus Dwyer (1882–1922), Irish politician
  • Terri Dwyer (born 1973), English actress
  • Tommy Dwyer, Irish hurler
  • Ubi Dwyer (1933–2001), Irish anarchist
  • Virginia Dwyer, American actress
  • Walter Dwyer (1875–1950), Australian politician and judge
  • Wayne Dwyer, New Zealand rugby league player
  • William Dwyer (Irish politician) (1887–1951), Irish politician
  • William Lee Dwyer (1929–2002), American judge


  • Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin, American television producer
  • Edmund Dwyer-Gray (1870–1945), Australian politician
  • Trevor Dwyer-Lynch, English actor
  • Patrick F. Dwyer (1937 - 1994), Irish Sports Official

Notable people named O'Dwyer

  • Declan O'Dwyer (hurler) (b. ?), Irish footballer
  • Declan O'Dwyer (director), Irish television director
  • Edmund Thomas O'Dwyer (1919–2005), Australian cricketer
  • J. Mike O'Dwyer (b. ?), Australian weapon designer
  • Joseph O'Dwyer (1841–1898), American physician
  • Kelly O'Dwyer (born 1977), Australian politician
  • Luke O'Dwyer (born 1980), Australian National Rugby League player
  • Matt O'Dwyer (born 1972), American football player, NFL 1995-2005
  • Sir Michael O'Dwyer, author of "The History of the O'Dwyers"
  • Michael O'Dwyer (1864–1940), administrator in British India
  • Michael O'Dwyer (born 1900s) hurler
  • Mick O'Dwyer (born 1936), Irish Gaelic football manager and former player
  • Paul O'Dwyer (1907-1998), American politician and lawyer
  • Richard O'Dwyer (born 1988), British web developer
  • Robert O'Dwyer (1862–1949), Irish composer
  • Sean O'Dwyer (born 1941), Irish Guards officer
  • Steve O'Dwyer (born 1982), American professional poker player
  • Steven O'Dwyer (born 1966), Australian rules footballer
  • Terence James O'Dwyer (b. ?), Australian businessman
  • William O'Dwyer (1890–1964), American politician, the 100th Mayor of New York City
  • Alice O'Dwyer (born 1992), Irish Jewellery Designer

Notable people named Dwyre

  • Bill Dwyre (born 1944), American columnist
  • Jesse Aaron Dwyre, Canadian actor
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